Canon EOS M50 Digital film camera

Canno eos M50 digital film camera

Canon EOS Best point and shoot film camera” looks more modest, but he also has something to brag about. Inside the polycarbonate (and, alas, not magnesium, like Fujifilm) body, there is a matrix with the proprietary Dual Pixel technology, which allows the camera to quickly and clearly focus on both stationary and moving objects. 99 focus points are available with all EF-M lenses, and up to 143 points can be used with select models (80% wide x 100% high).

Canno eos M50 digital film camera

The controls and menus of the Digital film camera are convenient and understandable – typically “Canon” (well, this is the author’s personal point of view). The camera is capable of giving a high-quality “picture” even in auto modes, but, of course, the “manual” ones have not been forgotten either. The kit offers two lens options, both with optical stabilization and silent autofocus stepping drive (STM).

The first, like Fujifilm, is limited in focal lengths from 15 to 45 mm. The second gives a full choice from wide-angle (18 mm) to long-focal (150 mm) “ends”. The second, of course, is more versatile, and for a beginner, the photographer will cover almost all tasks – but the first lens is also interesting for its compactness. Alas, their aperture ratio even at the “wide end” is not high, which is inconvenient in the twilight, and they will not be able to blur the background to zero during portrait photography. But, Since the Digital film camera allows you to use any EF and EF-S lenses through an adapter.

where there is a wide choice even among the original Canon optics. The prices for the “secondary” are sometimes very “tasty”. It is not difficult to find a replacement “kit” for specific applications. But you can still remember about adapters from the M42, Pentax K, and so on – here the choice of optics (albeit without autofocus and with a manual diaphragm) becomes huge at all.

Therefore, the author would sum up the results as follows: if you want a stylish, “indestructible” Digital film camera for youtube, just to take beautiful photos with whale optics, buy one more lens at most – you need Fujifilm. But if you want to experiment (and shoot full 4K, by the way), then turn to the display case with the Canon sign. Read about : Disposable Camera

Main pluses:

  • Fast Hybrid AF with large frame coverage
  • The ability to mount a very large number of lenses, and for her, they recently began to port Magic Lantern (but this is no longer for beginners, but “for growth”)


  • Low autonomy in the absence of the possibility of recharging via USB

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