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Instagram with its 1.5 billion users is the most popular and reportedly is the largest social media platform. The platform has served as a place to connect with old friends, as a lovers hotspot, a creative working place, a social justice courtroom, and whatnot! People have been following up on the information shared on the platform religiously. 

The rich and famous personalities have utilized the platform in giving us the sneak-peek of their lives – their dresses, holiday destinations, family, and much more. This has made the audience crazier than ever. People look up to them and follow every minute detail that is shared. Instagram has been setting trends since the day the app was introduced, lately, it has successfully made its place in every people’s heart and life. With a variety of incredible pages and famous personalities available on the platform, the question of the most followed celebrity on Instagram has been wandering our minds. That’s where we come in. We have compiled a list of our top five celebrities who have been gaining a lot of attention and followers lately. So, the list goes.

Stephen Laine is well known as he is the stepfather of famous American model Venessa Bryant. Check about his lifestyle, net worth, etc.

1. Adam Beach:

The Canadian actor has starred in several movies like Smoke Signals, Texas Ranger, Flags of our father, Windtalkers, Bury my heart at wounded knee, A thief of time, and many others. The actor’s recent work in Suicide Squad, Squanto, Hostiles, and Juanita has left the audience surprised by the amazing acting skills. 

Besides acting, here’s what people find intimidating – it’s his personal life. Yes, people are often seen obsessing over celebrities’ personal life. Adam has been the subject of talk for marrying three times. He also has won three Best Actor awards. His work as Slipknot in Suicide Squad will leave you amazed, follow his Instagram account to know more about adam beach

2. Cristiano Ronaldo:

Being the most followed celebrity on Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo has rocked our hearts. He is the best footballer the world has ever seen. Be it the sharing of his family’s pictures, shots of him playing football, plenty of his images, or his comeback news to Manchester United has been the highlight of the page. Ronaldo has given us all enough reasons to follow him. He is also the first person to reach 200 million followers on the platform. 

3. Sheryl Berkoff:

The American famed personality introduced us to a whole new series of makeup, jewelry, and interior design in the late 1980s. She has worked as a makeup and hair artist for the movies like Renegades, Bad influence, Ghost in the machine, and several others. Recently she has been spotted working as a makeup artist in the 2012 series, ‘Do you Think Who You Are?’

She married Rob Lowe in 1991. Sheryl also has her jewelry line called ‘Sheryl Lowe’ which can be seen making its place in fine retailers and boutiques. Check out more about her at sheryl berkoff on Instagram.

4. Kylie Jenner:

Being the second most followed celebrity and the most followed female celebrity on Instagram, Kylie Jenner rules both our hearts and the Internet. 

She also has once held the top spot for the most-liked Instagram post globally. Kylie also has her cosmetic brand called ‘Kylie Cosmetics’. Her Instagram is stuffed with her work and a lot of pictures featuring her partner. 

5. John Edward Thomas Moynahan:

Being the son of the famous couple, John has been in the news forever. His father is a famous Football player Tom and his mother is an Irish American actor Bridget. His parents got separated back in 2006. He spent a lot of early childhood with his biological mother. He has also been seen spending quality time with his father, stepmother, and step-siblings. He is currently thirteen and is quite focused on his studies. He also has an interest in soccer and football. To know more about him, follow his page john edward thomas moynahan on Instagram.

That’s all readers. Hope you had a great time reading about the celebrities who have been gathering attention and followers across the globe.

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