Is the pooch looking a little lonely?

Looking for a fluffy companion to brighten up your household/leave fur, drool, and scraps of grub all over the gaff? Maybe take your lead from the wild folk in this list.

Nobody wants to hear about your hamster’s night-time renovations and how they’re keeping the fam up at night. That’s what you get for being such conformists.

There’s a whole kingdom out there, dont limit yourself. Here are some interesting alternatives from around the globe for inspiration:
1. No drama with a llama

Nicole Doepper from western Germany shares her home with full grown female llama.

Attempts to get the woolly dosser to live a conventional outdoor life failed, and now ‘Socke’ has free reign of the house.

Imagine the horror after popping the lid off Nicole’s Henry Hoover, she must get through vacuum bags sharpish.
2. Size of this Burmese Python… you’re takin the hiss!

The name Tinky personally makes me think of a dainty little kitten or rabbit, but Travis Parker’s pet of choice would probably eat both.

Tinky is in-fact a 16 foot, 150lb Burmese Python who often spends her time wrapping up Travis like a cotton reel in his Pikeville abode.

Living with this hefty boa constrictor would do nought but constrict my bedtime hours each night, but each to their own I guess.
3. ‘Chandelier’s gone… damn it Fenne!’

Fenne the giraffe’s adoptive parents Collin and Theony McRae found her ‘close to death’ out in the South African wilderness, after being abandoned by her mother, and took her home.

After years of bonding (and countless broken electronics), the couple are now convinced that Fenne’s spirit animal is a Labrador, as she comes bounding over whenever her name is called.
4. Just lion about

60s American actress and animal rights activist Tippi Hedren once shared a home (and bed) with a full-grown male Lion in the 70s.

Despite attempts to disarm the awesome feline with an innocuous name, Neil, the lion became something of a menace in the Hedren household.

Thank goodness she had veteran trainer Ron Oxley on hand to shadow the animal… it’s the Lion owners without such conveniences I feel sorry for. Ron can’t be everywhere at once.
5. Kill the lights, the Kinkajou bites

Aww look at those eyes… shame it’ll likely try to gouge yours.

The Kinkajou isn’t considered a particularly dangerous animal, but they are frequent harbourers of diseases such as roundworm, which are easily transmitted through bites or faecal contact (and owning one comes a fair bit o’ both).

These nocturnal creatures are partial to a cosy nest out in the South American rainforest, and don’t much enjoy bouncing around in a handbag on the shoulder of Paris Hilton. I’d be a little snappy too given the circumstances.
6. A hamster on steroids? This is one Happybara

Melanie and Richard Typaldos have opened their Texas home to what is essentially an eight stone hamster.

Garry (or Gaz to his mates) is known as a Capybara, and technically belongs to the rodent family, though he gets through a block of Red Leicester far quicker than his descendants.

These animals are known for their docile tendencies and make half decent pets apparently. The Typaldos have likened the experience to having a ‘fat dog’.
7. An 800lb cuddle machine. I can’t bear it.

Dubbed ‘the John Wayne of bears’ Bart the grizzly has a pretty impressive resume, having appeared in several Oscar winning films over the years.

Animal trainers Dough and Lynne Seus adopted the now 1500lb bear from Baltimore Zoo in the late 70s and got to work running him through the works of Shakespeare and Henry Condell.

Years later, Bart has worked with esteemed actors like Robert Redford, Daryl Hannah, Ethan Hawke, Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Steven Seagal, and Anthony Hopkins… He deserves a star of his own on the HW walk of fame if you ask us.
8. Thank goodness this Polar Bear isn’t Agee… oh wait, he is (it’s his name just go with it)

Ever wanted to go swimming with a Polar Bear? Well, Mark Dumas gets to do so almost every day… we’re so jelly.

Apparently Polar bears are a little less passive than they’re portrayed on the old school Glacier Mint ads, but Agee is Mark’s ‘bestest bud’.

The 800lb female supposedly bit Mark as a pup, but they haven’t had any skirmishes since and are inseparable nowadays. In fact, Mark reckons looking after Eagles is harder work. Debateable that.
9. Oh snap. Meet LilyGator

Bet you never thought you’d see an alligator in a tutu…

Joke’s on you, you still haven’t this one’s in a red jumper.

Enter LilyGator, the four-and-a-half foot scalely bundle of joy that allows a 44-year-old Angela Lance to ‘pamper’ her with the freshest painted nails and visor sunglasses… because the rest of the swamp is so 2000-n-late.

Angela bought LilyGator as a tiny hatchling at just two days old, and has slowly ‘spoiled’ her over time, turning her into ‘the most pampered gator in the world’… why not Ange, why not.
10. Hippo in the house… ‘I’m good out here ta’.

Okay, so some people just really like playing with fire… like, blaze a pyre and stroll on in (Daenerys style).

If there’s one animal you don’t want roaming around your house, it’s a hippo. On the surface, yeh they look pretty cute and all, but we’re talking about a tonne (literally) of temperamental mammal flesh and teeth.

Guess what happens when you try to domesticate an animal responsible for the deaths of around 500 people per year in Africa?

You win, gold star!

There may be exceptions, but all recorded cases have ended one way… sorry to end on such a sour note.



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