Check Out The Latest Apple iphone Accessories You Don’t Know About, See Details Below

Check Out The Latest Apple iphone Accessories You Don’t Know About, See Details Below

It’s a fast-paced industry, and six months sounds like a long time for a phone to go without a successor. So Honor is following up on the 9X Lite with the 10X Lite. Hardly a groundbreaking update, but the new model, which we have for review now, brings a few meaningful improvements over the 9X Lite.

That’s how the 10X Lite sits in the Honor X Lite lineage, but we should also mention that the phone is almost identical to the Huawei P smart 2021 we had over just last week, itself a differently named Y7a. If it weren’t for the rearranged cameras on the back, we’d have sworn that the Honor 10X Lite is the same phone.

Among those are a couple of extra cameras on the back – the 10X Lite now gets an ultra wide-angle module to complement the carried over 48MP main unit, and a 2MP ‘macro’ camera joins the already available depth sensor.

The extra helf is easy to live with when you consider the inclusion of a what is basically a whole mobile phone, plus a battery on the front of both the Quest and Quest 2. Both are distinctly front-heavy, which is one thing I instantly felt, compared to the Lenovo Explorer. If you turn your head around quickly, the extra weight shifting on your face can and will fatigue you a bit more.

Beyond raw weight, however, a large part of that kind of comfort comes down to weight distribution and strap design. This is one area in which Oculus clearly downgraded the Quest The new Velcro strap design is simpler and definitely cheaper than the one on the original Quest.

The whole mechanism on the Lenovo Explorer is radically different – it uses one of the best designs in terms of ergonomics, as well as functionality, with its snap-up hinge. You can also see in on the PlayStation VR headset.

The box contents are the same – you get a USB-A-to-C cable and a power adapter aside from the phone. The adapter itself isn’t too shabby as it supports Huawei SuperCharge at up to 22.5 watts and will be much appreciated when having to fill up that big 5,000mAh battery.

Looking at the Quest 2 and the original Quest side by side, though, the fact that the new design has a distinctly more-budget bill of materials is much more objective.

Despite skipping on some little trims here and there, like the mesh surface on the original or the thick strap design, the Quest 2 still feels very solid and well put together. The lenses probably remain the most sensitive bit that should be protected, Other than that, we are fairly confident that both the headset and the controllers and their thick plastic will survive bumps and hits. Probably even usage by younger children.


The new white color scheme will definitely show wear and tear more than the original dark one. However, it still looks very slick and at the price point they have managed to achieve, we can’t really fault Oculus for saving every penny they can, even if it is as little as going for a cheaper color for the plastic.

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