Check Out These 5 Mistakes We All Make When Using Smartphones

Check Out These 5 Mistakes We All Make When Using Smartphones

Smartphones have advantages and disadvantages. But it’s disadvantages is more than its advantages in many ways. And it’s advantages can cause several problems to our health if care is not taken. However, for these problems not to happen that’s why I gathered the mistakes we do when using our smartphones and how to deal with it.

The following are the mistakes we do when using smartphones.

1. Being exposed to blue light for too long.

The blue light from the screen of your smartphone suppresses the hormone that regulates sleep cycle in the body. This blue light can also cause sight and eye problem and headaches. Try to reduce the level of the blue light on your phone.

2. Using it with a low signal.


Using smartphones with weak signal can harm your health. Try to use your phone with high or strong signal to avoid any problems for your health.

3. Keeping it in contact with your skin.

Keeping your smartphone in contact with you will make your skin to absorbs heat from your phone easily in tiny bits and it may harm your skin.

4. Sleeping with it. 

Smartphones have an electromagnetic transmitter and receiver. And these waves are strong and may affect the brain if being exposed for long hours.

Try to turn off your phone completely or keep it in another room while you’re asleep, or put it in airplane mode.

5. Looking at the screen with bad posture.

If you bend your neck forward to look at your phone’s screen, you are stressing your cervical spine and it will make it to increases gradually.

And after some days, the weight your neck will feels may be five times more than your actual head weight. And this may lead to posture abnormalities and neck pains. Remedy: Try to hold your phone at eye level, and keep your neck as straight as possible.

Those are the mistakes we do when using our smartphones. And those mistakes have been solved in the above sentence and paragraphs.

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