Chrome OS 102 brings expanded Google Cursive compatibility and better USB-C cable recognition


What you need to know

  • Google has released Chrome OS version 102 to the stable channel.
  • The update brings Google’s Chrome OS-only handwriting app, Cursive, to all “eligible” Chromebooks. 
  • Chrome OS 102 also brings more customization for magnification and better recognition of USB-C cables. 

Just a few days after releasing Chrome OS version 101, Google is back at it again with a new stable release courtesy of Chrome OS 102. This time around, there are some pretty exciting features coming to users everywhere, as opposed to only offering another slew of bug fixes. 

The biggest addition to Chrome OS 102 is the expanded compatibility for Google’s hand-writing app, Cursive. This app was released year for select Chromebook models, but after applying this latest update, it should be installed. In the event that you don’t see it, you can install the PWA (Progressive Web App) just by heading over to and tapping the install button in Chrome’s toolbar.

Google Cursive app

(Image credit: Google)

As the name suggests, Cursive is another contender for best note-taking apps but is designed with Chromebooks in mind. Pairing Cursive with the best USI stylus and your favorite Chromebook will result in an endless canvas for note-taking or drawings. It makes things like signing PDFs easier than ever, as you can just import the document, sign it, and then export it from the Cursive app. And as a teaser, Google says that “features for more personalization, like more easily changing the thickness, style and color of the stylus stroke” will be on the way “in the coming months.”

Another change coming with Chrome OS 102 is improvements to the magnification feature built into the operating system. When using the magnifier feature, a split-screen interface will appear, showing the zoomed-in content on the top with the “normal” screen at the bottom. 

Chrome OS 102 magnification example

(Image credit: Google)

Once the update is installed, Google is bringing more customization options to those who use the magnification feature. Users will be able to make the zoomed-in portion of the screen larger or smaller, based on whatever it is you need.


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