Clubhouse Officially Launches for Android Users

Clubhouse Officially Launches for Android UsersClubhouse Officially Launches for Android Users

Audio app Clubhouse, which has taken the world of live podcasts by storm for iOS users, has officially launched a beta version for Android users. The release comes two months after Clubhouse announced that it was looking to expand to those who have Android phones, prior to the summer.

Clubhouse first launched a little over a year ago with the hopes of creating a more connected space for people around the world to convene to listen in or join in on organic conversations. The app has provided a new way for users to share their personal experiences, debate differences, learn from one another, deepen friendships and meet new people, especially in a year where socializing in person has been proven more difficult.

To further grow its reach across the globe, Clubhouse has now announced that is beginning to roll out its beta immediately for Androids. The app will is now available across the U.S. with other English-speaking countries soon receiving access to the Android version, before the rest of the world. Over the next few weeks, Clubhouse hopes to test out the app with the initial users, finalizing club creations and payments before rolling out internationally.

Android users can now download Clubhouse on the Google Play store.

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