Control: Ultimate Edition and more are free with PS Plus in February


PS5 owners are about to get some great games for free in February with PlayStation Plus. Sony has announced in a blog post that Destruction AllStars, Control: Ultimate Edition, and Concrete Genie will be available for PS Plus members to download starting next month.

If you remember, 505 Games was in hot water when it announced the Ultimate Edition of Control because it was not allowing those who had previously purchased the standard edition to get a free next-gen upgrade. Well… we can see how that went. Now anyone with a PS Plus membership can play the Ultimate Edition on PS5 without spending another penny.

As for Destruction AllStars and Concrete Genie, both are PlayStation exclusive titles, with the former actually launching next month. The vehicular combat game features four games modes where players can create mayhem and carnage. Concrete Genie, which released on PS4 and can be played on PS5 through backward compatibility, is a cute little adventure game where you solve puzzles with the help of imaginary friends that you draw up using a magic paintbrush.

All of these games will be available starting on February 2. Destructions AllStars is staying in PS Plus until April 5 while Control and Concrete Genie will be there for a shorter time, until March 1.


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