How to design cookie packaging boxes?

cookie packaging

People have introduced several new events now. There are separate events for birthdays, anniversaries and a lot of other festivals as well. People invite their friends and family. However, they get co fused in what to serve to the guests. Cookies are an easy option. All people like them whether they are children, young or old. Everyone likes their crisp and sweet taste that remains in the mouth for a long time. Companies use Cookie Packaging to pack these cookies. It allows buyers to leave a good impression on the guests. People can serve the cookies in these boxes. Windows allow the guests to see what kind of cookies are there in the box.

What is a window patch?

Companies use customization options to add windows in cookie boxes. People might think what a window means here. While making the boxes, companies leave a triangular or square space in the box. Later on, they cover this empty space with a transparent sheet. This allows the customers to have a peek at what is inside the box. In the case of cookies, they can guess what type of cookies are present in the box. Therefore, they can choose whether they want to buy the cookies or not.

How to design boxes with a window?

Companies can have two approaches here. They can either leave space while making the box. It is difficult and makes the box weak. Another idea is to manufacture the box as usual. After that, they cut a piece of the box and paste a transparent material there. This one is easier to do. Moreover, it also gives a finer look. Companies can make a cut according to the size of the window they want to make.

Colour of the window

Companies can choose different colours for cookie boxes with windows. If they are packing chocolate cookies inside the box, they can use a light coloured window. Chocolate cookies are dark black. So a light coloured window will complement the product. Whereas, if companies want to sell sugar cookies, they can use dark coloured windows. These cookies are white so such windows look more unique with these cookies. This contrasting look appeals to the customers. It gains their attention.

The shape of the window:

The shape of the window also matters a lot of companies want to pack circular cookies, they can use either a triangular window or a square window. Both designs will look good with the cookies. However, if they want to pack square cookies, they should use a square window. It will give a better view to the customers. They can judge if the cookies are freshly baked or not. The sight of delicious cookies will encourage them to buy the product.

Information to add:

Companies also need to add other information about the product on the box. People won’t buy plain boxes, no matter how attractive the window looks. They need something else too to make sure that they are buying the right product. So companies can customize cookie packaging boxes to include the following information as well.


These help people identify the company which has made the cookies. Some companies are very famous for their products. People buy their products without any hesitation. The same is the case with cookie companies. Famous companies can use their logo as a marketing tool. When people see their logo, they become sure about the quality of the cookies. They know that cookies from this company will be the best. So they buy them without giving them a second thought.

Company name:

Sometimes, adding the name of the company with the logo is also a good option. It ensures that people do not get confused between different companies. Nowadays, a lot of companies are preparing cookies. Many of them have similar logos. So people can sometimes get confused between similar products. However, if they read the name of the company, they can choose which product to buy. It ensures that they do not buy any product from your competitor companies.

Product expiry date:

Cookies are baked with care. However, like other products, they cannot be stored for much longer. The quality and taste fade away with time. Therefore, it is important to mention the date on which they were baked and also the date before which they must be eaten. It gives an idea to the people whether the cookies are fresh or not. So they can buy the best product at all times as well as Cereal Boxes.

Content details:

Companies also need to add details of the cookies on cookie boxes with window. They must mention all the ingredients of the cookies on the box. Some cookies are made from wheat and milk and people are allergic to them. Similarly, some people prefer sugar free cookies. All these things have to be mentioned in the boxes.

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