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 This is one of the largest farm animals, its characteristic bellow is recognized around the world. If your little ones in the house love it, you should know that they will have a great time painting cow pictures. You can find a wide variety of designs, from happy cows grazing on the grass, to a cow being milked. Download free cow coloring pages for kids on DDC123: Mucca da colorare e stampare

Cow coloring pages



Dare to see the reactions of the little ones when they fill with colors and paint these drawings of cows, the artist inside them will emerge, creating real artistic drawings: a pink cow with blue squares while eating red grass, a cow green to eat so much grass… Plus, kids can create all the stories they want, like, “I’m going to get my hat and cowboy boots to milk this cow”, and you can be sure theirs will do much better.

While it is true that  there are many ways to paint drawings of cows for babies,  it is excellent that the first time you let your little ones express all their feelings through colors, so you can understand a little more how they think.

If the tones are very intense, they are super energetic; if they use the true colors of a cow, they are aware of the things around it … So give them some kind of tools for coloring, pencils, water soluble inks, bright fluorescent or neon colors, and even chalk, to blur, and find out how the children around you see the world.

Take your little one’s imagination to a completely different level, challenge their energy by making and painting pictures of cows to color with any type of material: recycled such as plastic bottles, newspapers or magazines.

You can also try giving these designs different textures: clay for the cow face, felt for the skin, foam rubber and green paint to get a realistic grass effect … Color the whole background and don’t forget the sky blue to make it a perfect day to  draw funny cows. It will be so beautiful.

Drawings of cows for children

Is it really necessary for the little ones to know how a cow is formed? It is, because this cattle provides a very wide range of derivatives when milked and gives the milk in its purest state. White gold tells you a few, since it is possible to make a long list of foods:

  • Milk
  • Serum
  • Butter
  • Yogurt
  • Custard
  • The cheese

In addition, with the coloring pages of cows you will allow children to identify them easily and not only by the bellowing they produce, but also by their physical characteristics:

  • Big round eyes
  • Straight ears
  • elongated face
  • Long tongue that allows you to easily pick up the grass from the ground
  • Udders: they are the ones who make the cow a great animal, since milk comes from them
  • strong tail
  • Four legs and a great body

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