Dairy Of An Addict Episode 7

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As the abrupt change instigated by his recent discontinuation of drugs put him in a muddle , ridding him of the comfort of his own body, Steve struggled to put his sanity together. He’d gone violent, wild enough to hurt any being at his hold if there was. He’d scream about the whole room, throwing glasses, just anything he could lay his hands on with the head pounding inside and spinning like some spiral was there.

He moves his arms up and down his body hurriedly, searching every pocket on the black shorts he’d worn on matching blue collar neck shirt designed with thin stripes of blue and white.

In an ultimate search for his brain’s coolant, he starts raiding the whole house, opening bag, throwing all of it’s content out when he found nothing. “Shit!!!” He’d scream flinging things across the room, banging the door, walls, cursing, muttering under his breath whenever his search yielded no result. The violence and craziness continues for hours before normalcy begins to set in bit by bit. His nerves start to relax slowly and the muscles too.

As he struggles to get balance, his eyes settle on a neatly folded folded piece of paper, not sure of its content he draws closer for a better view and With the speed of light he reachs for the paper and unfolds quickly realising it’s content.

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    I look closely at my most saught cravings that was now in my possession. My head still ached a bit coupled with the anxiety and exhaustion, I wanted to devour it as a famished vulture would do to carcass.The sight of the powder alone was slowly curbing the exasperating feelings in me earlier.

Though my conscience pricked me, I couldn’t put it away knowing it was the only thing that could save me from these horrible experiences daily. For a moment, I had a rethink, I turn my eyes away from it, putting it aside, remembering why I was going through all of this.

The goal was to ” Quit drugs, substance” yet in my quest to get better without those I was dying alive. My mind, senses, became evocative of drugs, anything equivalent at that instant.

The powder became magnet attracting my soul so strong I couldn’t bear the frustration….
Tatse….snort! Snort!! Snort!!!
And that was it…all in! I throw my head up in a sigh supporting it with both hands. I could feel the euphoria, the pleasure it brought in my insides and that wasn’t just it, I wanted more! More and more of it…so much more!!! The familiar tone from my mobile phone interrupted my magical moment. It was Luke…. I picked, listening to his husky voice
” shit man! are you serious????…..Am coming straight away.

No no….am not taking much time, in fact I dey road as I dey talk to you so, I’ll be there in a few minutes” I put the phone down in a rush, wipe the powder of my nose, lips, grab my wallet and immediately I head out of the room..to be cont’d

Written by Martha Okenyi
Directed by Alechenu Godwin
Powered by HRM Foga Timothy



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