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I took off my shirt hurriedly, sitting on the cold, bare floor in Luke’s apartment while he watched, I unwrapped the first paper with the powder in it and sniffed deeply….. He soon joined too.

I’d sniff wraps upon wraps and was never satisfied, my friend impressed at my intake like he’d never seen watched in amazement and kept hailing, with each wrap I sniffed, I yearned for more and more, I’d been starved for too long.

I was happy too, This was my chance of provin how strong and manly I could be, not the kid they taught I was.

” Correct guy! You be baba for the thing!! Boss I loyal, I dey twale for you! King of charlie!!” he’d rain all sorts of praises on me. After sniffing close to five wraps, I grabbed another yet, the one with the dried herb-like substance, what we called “Igbo”.

I rolled it up in a paper, lit it sharply and began smoking. I was still high on Charlie but i wanted something more stimulating since it couldn’t satisfy me.

I smoked, letting smoke out from my nostrils and mouth, my insides felt warm, high but not as high as I wanted, my senses hadn’t reached climax yet. I smoked desperately and hungrily in the music of Luke’s praises. After a while I felt better a bit, my eyes had become a flurry of red now. I stood up, stretched as I felt exhausted again, then I yawned.

I sat down for a bit, still not okay I stretched on my feet a second time, I felt really stressed out than ever.

After a while sweatdrops pervade my skin slowly, my heartbeat speeds up, I breathe in and breath out then it’s restored. My freind still watched in amazement thinking I was in the spirit of “high”. It was not my first time sniffing charlie or smoking igbo so i didn’t have to feel any different besides.

My heartrate speeds up again, my breathing slows, I begin to feel claustrophobic, gasping for breath. My head, my brain aches.

I feel the pressure on my breath, its like my lungs were shut! It was like some painful acupuncture was taking place in my heart and abdomen.

My legs wobble, I open my mouth for free flow of air no improvement. I start motioning to my friend for help but Luke keeps laughing like I was putting up a puppet show.

My feet wobble and slowly I feel dem dissolve to the ground as my sight, senses dissolved too and my body, all of me drops to the ground.

Waking up from his unconscious state, Steve became different, something far from weird. As much as confused Luke tried to figure out what had happened to his freind, he couldn’t tell what it actually was.

The same person he’d just conversed and had fun with only a while ago was first…unconscious and now insane? No way… Two strange scenaros in barely an hour ….perharps this was a dream.
” Steve listen…its me, Luke..your freind..” All Steve would do was stare back at him, say absurd, weird things , laugh and try to storm out of the room.

Soon he was becoming violent. With every attempt to calm him down his weirdness was triggered. Unable to withstand him, Luke let him go with hopes he’d return to normal after a while.

Days past, no one heard from Him or knew his whereabouts. Victoria, at first thought her son had left home as always again, to somewhere in the streets probably drinking or smoking herbs. When she hadn’t heard from him for two weeks she got worried, searching round town until a few people attested seeing her son on the streets, in a mentally destabilized state.

With their help, she was able to find him, getting him to the hospital was tasking as he tried to hurt whoever got close.

Eventually he was taken to a health centre where he got tranquilise upon arrival to prevent further display of violence in his state.

Story: Martha Okenyi
Directed by: Alechenu Godwin
Powered by: Foga Luter Timothy


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