Discover the importance of coloring with children

Coloring with children brings several benefits, leads to the acquisition of new skills and reflects on school learning. An advantage of this activity is that it can be encouraged indoors and is a moment of relaxation for the whole family.

Benefits of coloring with kids

There was a time when adults used drawings to keep children entertained and free from doldrums. Over time, it turned out that the activity is worth much more than that. See its benefits!

develop patience

Coloring with kids is a relaxing activity that promotes stress relief and reduces anxiety. It’s a way to keep them rested and calm to end the day.

The activity inhibits the amygdala, part of the brain that activates each time we feel fear or tension. Coloring is very good for children who are more agitated or who are going through some emotional difficulty.

Stimulates creativity

Coloring with kids is a relaxing activity that relieves stress and reduces anxiety. It’s a way to help them rest and calm down to end the day. To unleash their creativity, kids come to Varityskuvat to color online with loads of easy drawings for kids.

This activity inhibits the amygdala, the part of the brain that activates whenever we feel fear or stress. Coloring is great for kids who are excitable or are going through some emotional difficulties.

It’s a form of meditation

Ever heard of mindfulness? It is a type of meditation that makes us pay attention to the present moment, without letting ourselves be carried away by any thoughts concerning the past and the future. The technique also allows us to accept and observe our thoughts as if they were clouds: they are there, but they soon go away, so we don’t focus on them.

This type of meditation happens spontaneously when coloring with children. They are centered on pencil movements and colors on paper, which can be a way to disconnect a little from everyday routines and issues.

Helps with motor coordination

Picking up a pencil requires fine motor skills. It is necessary to fit it well in the hand, leave it firm and make the correct movement to paint. This movement works the wrist and fingers, essential for handling small objects.

When painting, the child is also indirectly training calligraphy. In this way, making such movements help you write more safely in the literacy phase.

Help with well-being

Who said that only games promote well-being and entertainment? Coloring with kids can be a way for everyone to have fun. Just use your imagination.

If you don’t mind the mess, a tip is to get a big card and a bunch of paint pots. It’s worth painting everything: sun, rainbow and animals. With several people helping, everything is even more fun.

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