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In DDC123 we have compiled all these  Disney coloring pages  ready for you to download and print. Prepare your paintings! Download  Disney  coloring pages for kids free at DDC123 Disney da colorare e stampare

Disney Coloring Pages

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Like any  large company,  this one hasn’t reached the point it currently boasts in a simple way. Perseverance, overcoming difficulties, dedication and the talent of her entire team to do her job have been vital for her to become an  audiovisual media giant today  .

In Primary World you will find the wide variety  of Disney images  you are looking for to entertain children. Print  our  drawings  to  color  your favorite characters, which are accompanied by  an incredible story  of struggle and determination. These are the perfect images, as all the characters are the product of the great  creativity and imagination  of their creator,  Walt Disney.

It all started in 1923 as  the Disney Bros Studio.  Then, in 1925, it was renamed  Walt Disney Studios,  at the insistent request of Walt Disney. In 1928  Mickey Mouse  appeared  in his first short film entitled  Mickey Mouse: Plane Crazy.

In 1929 the company was renamed Walt Disney Productions, Ltd.  Pluto, the dog  , first appeared in 1930. The Oscar for Best Animated Short Film, in 1933, comes from the hand of  Flowers and Trees  , which is the first color product. Also, the world meets  Pippo.

Download Disney Drawings: Infinite Characters

Donald Duck appeared in 1934. In the middle of World War II, 1940, the movie Pinocchio was released. Then they move to their current location in Burbank. Dumbo was a box office hit in 1941. For its part, Bambi came out in 1942.

The Second World War, 1943, pushed the company to the point of almost closing it. By 1944 they were short on funds, so they worked on a reissue of Snow White, which raised them up a bit. In 1950 the film Cinderella was released.

Download Disney drawings  to  paint on  infinite characters. Each is a totally new world full of  different shades. Prepare your pencils because you will enter a universe where  magic, creativity, imagination and dreams  are the daily bread.

Can you imagine working alongside Walt Disney? It will be a unique creative experience, but there is no reason to stop, try it! You just have to look for a blank sheet and bring your character to life to imagine working with him.

Alice in Wonderland fell in love with the world in 1951. Walt Disney created WED Enterprises in 1952, and with that he wanted to build theme parks. Peter Pan goes  around the world and you can enjoy  Mickey ‘s  last classic short film  , The Simple Things, in 1953.

In 1955 the Disneyland theme park opens its doors  and  opens  Lady and the Tramp. Sleeping Beauty arrives  in   1959  and  101 Dalmatians  in 1961.

Disney coloring pages ready for printing

It is the simple name by which  The Walt Disney Company is known,  which is currently the most famous and largest audiovisual media production and entertainment company in the world.

On  October 16, 1923  , the brothers  Walt Disney and Roy Disney  began what would be one of humanity’s most successful projects. In 1928 the company became a real competition for other groups operating in the same area.

In 1930  , production work began to make the feature film  “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”,  which culminated  in 1937.  The film was so successful that it started the recognition that the company maintains to this day. Its current headquarters are in Burbank, California, and its legal format is based on a corporation.

The first live action production,  Mary Poppins,  premiered in 1964, while the land was purchased in Orlando, Florida for the construction of  Walt Disney World. In 1966 the company suffered an inestimable loss:  its founder  ,  Walt Disney  , died and was replaced by his brother Roy.

In 1967 work began on  Walt Disney World  and  the film  The Jungle Book was released  ,  the latest production by Mr. Walt Disney. The Aristocats  amused the world  in 1970  . The Walt Disney World Resort  has been open to the public since 1971. Later,  Roy Disney died  , so  Donn Tatum  became president.

Robin Hood  Helps the Poor  in 1973. Disney Channel  begins broadcasting in  1983  and opens the  Tokyo Disneyland  theme  park  in Japan . The company   was renamed  the Walt Disney Company in 1986 .

The Little Mermaid  was a total hit in  1989.  And the tale remains full of successes to this day. The history of this emblematic company is very long, but the summary is that it is an  example of creativity, imagination and perseverance that you have to download and paint here.

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