Do You Know That Coca-Cola Is Not Only For Drinking? See 11 Other Useful Things You Can Do With It

Are you aware that Coca Cola is not only useful for just quenching thirst and oozing to the high heavens after taking a sip that made it look like your whole life is dependent on it? I’ll pardon our ignorance and fire down to go bare some crazy but eye-opening secrets.

The idea is so that you’d get away from referring to it as an ordinary bottle of some form of coloured drink to something that comes handy when the need shows up. In the light of this, I’ll be sharing several lovely things you can do with this beverage other than drinking. However, these otherwise wonderful uses of Coca-Cola cannot come to you in this content without a carefully moderated version of how to effectively apply them when it is most needed. Hence, I have taken my time to outline them and how to apply them. Again, please note that this article is not an attempt to advertise the product, rather it is designed to bring information and sensitization to the ardent readers here on this platform.

1. It is used for getting rid of pests and insects. 

This is achieved by putting some of the drink in a container and then sprinkling or spraying it on the farm land, kitchen, store, etc. After about twenty to thirty minutes, the insects that would have been attracted to the sweetness of the drink will die from the acid therein.

2. It is used for removing rust from the car 

Here’s the simple procedure, Pour a good quantity of the Coca-cola drink on the areas or surface that has rusted, then scrub randomly but gently with a soft brush.

3. It is used for removing burnt food particles from the pot or pan

First and foremost, pour and fill the pan/pot with the Coca-Cola drink to the commensurate degree of the damage. Allow it to settle for a calculated period of time and it will loosen. Then scrap carefully and wash them away.


4. It is used for the removal of stains from fabrics.

Pour a can of Coca-Cola in the laundry together with the detergent and wash randomly. As it concerns spotted stains, apply the drink directly on the affected area and soak for some minutes and then wash.

5. It is used for the removal of marker stains on carpets

Pour on the carpet surface, and gently scrub with either a rag or a soft tooth brush.

6. It’s useful for cleaning tiles 

Just go about it like you’re scrubbing the floor. And there you go all the way till your tiles shine forth.

7. Removal of gum from hair.

Ladies, here you go! Your coke on your hair, particularly on the area with the bubble gum. Stay on it for five calculated minutes and you’d be glad you did.

8. It helps in cleaning toilets

Has your WC been giving you a feeling for worrying and most comfortable with its state? Pour Coca-Cola drink into your WC and the high level of acidity in its soda will dissolve any stain.

9. It is helpful for cleaning eye glasses

For better sight, the procedure is simple. Dip a rag in the Coca Cola drink and wipe the glasses gently. Then use clean water and wipe again it off immediately.

10. Used in removing rust, dirt from coins, keys, jewelries. 

Just soak them and leave them preferably overnight. And scrub later.

11. It helps in loosening rusty nuts and bolts

Soak them in a container filled with coke and then, wash, clean and rinse and it would restore normalcy.

About Coca-Cola, what do you think about the other uses of this drink?

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