Does Visible support unlocked phones?


Does Visible support unlocked phones?

Yes, Visible supports unlocked phones as long as they’re compatible with Visible’s network. You can check your phone’s IMEI before you sign up and if you’re ready for an upgrade, there’s plenty to choose from. Some phones such as the Pixel 6 can be activated via eSIM.

Should you bring your phone to Visible?

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If you’ve got an unlocked phone, you have a lot of choices if you want to save money on phone service. As we found in our Visible review, the Verizon-owned prepaid carrier has one of the best prepaid plans around. With Visible you’ll have access to Verizon’s LTE and 5G networks as long as your phone is compatible, and you get the bonus of unlimited hotspot data (though speeds are capped at 5Mbps). You can even take your bill down to just $25 per month if you take a couple of minutes to join a Visible Party.

Visible supports unlocked phones but before you get too excited, you should first check whether or not your phone is compatible with Visible’s network. Your best bet for confirming compatibility is to enter your IMEI on Visible’s website or Android app. You can access your IMEI in the about section of your phone or by typing in *#06# in your dialer.


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