Don’t Waste Money Buying A Memory Card, Delete This Hidden File That Is Taking Your Phone Memory

You may have had the motivation to consider purchasing a new memory card, just because your phone system is hanging because of low memory capacity.

This is irritating and the cost associated with purchasing a new memory card can likewise be an issue. Most occasions getting the notifications, “Inner Memory Space Is Running Out”, can be extremely irritating.

This is because most occasions you may have erased some significant files in your phone like your pleasant songs and recordings and still receive the notification.

You may have even needed to uninstall some significant apps on your phone just to let lose some space. Nonetheless, do you realize that you don’t generally need to purchase a new memory card?

The issue is that there is an invisible file on your phone that is taking much of the memory capacity on your phone.

The interesting thing is, the file isn’t even valuable to you. These methods will assist you with having the option to find this file on your Android phone.

The name of this invisible file is Thumbnail, and it is situated inside the DCIM folder of every android device.

You should simply go to your File Manager, search for the DCIM folder, click on it to discover the thumbnails. Then erase the thumbnail.

Notwithstanding, this thumbnail probably won’t be noticed basically because you haven’t activated the option for “Show Hidden Files”.

You need to activate the option for “Show Hidden Files” from the 3-spotted symbols above. When the thumbnail folder shows up, just erase it.

Stage 2

Go inside your phone master app, from the choices you notice, choose the option for “Deep Clean”.

Then after you have chosen it, you would notice a few folders. Click on the “Large files” symbol.

From the photograph above you can notice that the enormous files are about 7.98GB capacity of your phone’s memory.

You would notice information about the thumbnail inside it, with numbers. Looking at the image underneath, you can notice that every one of the information regarding the thumbnail holds approximately 3GB, which aggregates over 6GB.

Choose them and erase them. You would notice that your phone memory capacity would be released.

You would now be able to notice that the enormous file space that was at first 7.98GB is currently 333MB. This indicates that you have put some space aside for yourself, over 7GB of memory capacity.

With this, there’ll be no requirement for you to squander your cash to purchase another memory card.

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