Download and Install NDS4iOS On iPhone Without Jailbreak

install NDS4iOS


Download and Install NDS4iOS On iPhone Without Jailbreak

For game lovers, I will be teaching you how to download and install NDS4iOS on iPhone without jailbreak. The iOS is loaded with super active games that you can always enjoy playing. These games have really improved in terms of graphic design and most of us really enjoy playing them.

With the release of some super active games like the metal 2 and the  ARKit, these games are going to be more unique and impressive to play. But some of these games are sublime in terms of gameplay and most people find it default to play these games without an emulator. This is why most of the emulator Apps like the NDS4iOS are so popular and now it is available in iOS 11.

What is NDS4iOS?

install NDS4iOS

This is just an emulator App that makes your phone to look like a hand-held console. With this emulator, you can play PSP, PSI, N64 games without any obstacle. If you intend to play some 90’s Nintendo DS or PSP games, you will find out that this will save you a whole lot of cash. Emulator Apps are always going to be popular, thanks to the world of jailbreak. NDS4iOS is always going to remain one of the popular emulators. Let’s talk about how you can download NDS4iOS

How to Download and Install NDS4iOS on iPhone Without Jailbreak

This type of emulator brings Nintendo DS experience to Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch hardware. Once you download NDS4iOS, you will find it easy playing most of the popular games like Pokemon Black & White, Final Fantasy IV, Mario Kart DS etc.

Now, this is how to download and install NDS4Ios on iPhone;

  • First thing is to ensure that you are connected to the internet and then open the Us Website using your safari browser. I mentioned safari browser because that is what I used and it is better than any other browser. Once you have opened the page, click on “install” that is located at the top right side of the screen.
  • Now, having done that, A prompt will pop up and ask you to give permission to the App. “Grant permission” to the App and allow the installation process to begin. It might take some time but be patient.

Once it has finished installing, open your setting – General – profiles – click on trust to allow the newly installed NDS4iOS App to run on your phone.

Once you are done with this process, you can download game ROMs and start playing games. That is how to download and install NDS4iOS on iPhone without jailbreak.

If you are confused and you are looking for a place to download Rom, you can check LOVEROMS , go to the category and scroll down to Nintendo DS. Then select any game of your choice and download it using NDS4iOS. iPhone users can now download Nintendo DS games of their choice that is in the NDS4iOS iPhone App. So far, no security issues have been recorded.

There are still some other emulators that you can use if you don’t like NDS4iOS emulator. What do you think, drop your comment below


Download and Install NDS4iOS On iPhone Without Jailbreak
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