DOWNLOAD Maki Plus Mod Apk Latest Version Paid

Maki Plus Mod Apk Latest Version Paid
DOWNLOAD Maki Plus Mod Apk Latest Version Paid.

Maki plus Facebook is one among the foremost used social media app round the world. many users use the platform everyday for far more than one purpose, like chatting, handling business, advertising, entertainment and lots of more. ( Maki Plus Mod Apk Latest Version Paid ) But one downside of this popular social platform is that the separated messenger app, users need to download a separate extension of the messenger app which may be very memory consuming for low-end devices.

We brought you an app to repair that today, maki plus comes with the mixture of Facebook and messenger during a single lightweight app.
Maki plus
Maki is an android app built to unravel the difficulty of seperated Facebook and messenger app and also comes as a really lightweight app that consumes just little of your phone’s memory and also comes with some incredible features that the first Facebook app lacks.

With this app you’ll easily switch between your Facebook and messenger app without exiting one. Also you don’t need to worry about fixing security measures for the separate apps as you’ll just found out security measures for the entire apps directly .

Features of maki plus mod

Facebook and messenger combined
The time required to access messenger and Facebook has been drastically reduced with this function as you’ll swiftly switch between the 2 apps. this is often main function of the app.

Download media.

Medias in Facebook like images and videos are often easily downloaded now with this feature. These media are stored to your storage and may be accessed anytime.

Dark mode.

With the night mode, light areas are filtered to assist protect your eyesight during the night period. This help to enhance eyesight drastically and stop straining of the attention .

Privacy security.

You can enable your privacy settings to guard both the Facebook and messenger app at a go.


Maki plus mod apk is made to stop any ad from poping to your face, even sponsored ads are blocked, so you’ll be rest assured of ad-free service.

App nameMaki PlusVersion4.9.6.4 Download size 3.7MB Type Mod + Paid Apk App package name com.sun shine. maki

DOWNLOAD Maki Plus Mod Apk

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