Drag Race: A Growing Trend Among Youth

Game of gear shifting or a drag race? Curious to know what drag race is? Do you know what is the perfect timing for gear shifting? So many out of us know driving but don’t know about the basic steps and timing of shifting up or down a specific gear. Here, you’ll learn what drag race is.

Drag Race

In this specific mode of racing, a couple or more drivers race their cars on a straight road. Drag racing includes light sports cars with powerful engines. Car enthusiasts also prefer Eagle eye Civic, EK Civic hatchback, and Civic EG kind of sedans for drag racing. This race mainly depends on the driver’s proficiency in gear shifting and its smooth and perfect timing.

Since this race mainly happens on a straight road, the audience feels safe by standing on the sides of roads or across the fence. The only focus point that is required to win this race is the drivers’ close eye only on the rpm of the car because the turning or strategic quality is not tested.

The Growing Trend of Late-Night Racing

For the past few years, DHA Phase 8, Main boulevard DHA, Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, and Ring Road are the hottest places for late-night bike and car racers in Lahore. Since bikes above 800cc are allowed on ring roads, it has become a safe place for bike riders too to test their driving skills. These common hotspots and bike and car enthusiasts not only engage a large number of local motorcyclists and people riding on cars but also raise various safety and life threats for them.

This has led to increased sales of cars turbocharged engines like Honda N One for sale other cities of Pakistan where car enthusiasts conduct races.

Do They Have Specific Mechanics?

Car enthusiasts and car junkies guide their professional mechanics by their on-road experience, knowledge from the internet to make alterations to their vehicle. These alterations and modifications cost thousands of rupees and are just done to give them a unique look and upgrade them with powerful engines.

This has contributed to increasing car used because if the racing industry starts to flourish in Pakistan, the sales of cars that are deemed dexterous for racing, will thrive.

First Drag Event in Lahore

TDCP-Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan arranged its first drag race in Lahore. This event was organized to enlighten and empower car junkies with proper knowledge and rules of drag racing. Unfortunately, an accident happened on the racing track which banned drag racing in Pakistan at the government level.

Common vehicles for Drag Racing

Well, there can be a large number of vehicles that can be used for a racing track, but people in Pakistan prefer vehicles that have a higher pick and are more gear conscious.

If we have a look at the sedan industry, automobiles like Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Lancer, Mitsubishi Evolution, Toyota Corolla Indus model, Toyota Corolla Grande are mostly used.

In a survey by PAMA, Pakistan Automobile Association, Vehicles like Honda Civic and Mitsubishi Evolution have a very strong market. Due to the demand, car used price in country has been increasing day by day for both these vehicles.

Why are customers demanding so much of the Honda N One for sale in Lahore? The biggest reason behind this is the exceptional pick and turbocharged engine of Honda N One. Local racers have been using this vehicle in the 660CC category for drag racing because of its high quality and various features.

It is not wrong to say that these factors also play a role in the daily increasing used car prices in Pakistan.


Races will continue even if the government bans them therefore the most feasible step is to conduct them officially. Banning the concept of racing in Pakistan won’t guarantee any safety measures to be taken. Government should make a proper track where car enthusiast should fulfil their interest under strict rules and regulations.

Races elevated the sales of particular cars in Pakistan. For example, the search for Honda N One for sale and other cities of Pakistan was amplified which shows the positive impact of races on sales. Therefore, bans are never the solution, appropriate safety measures and a controlled environment are.

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