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In Primary World we go into heroic adventures and fantastic stories with  drawings of dragons. These creatures have fascinated boys and girls from time immemorial, and although they are not real, everyone can recognize a dragon. Download  free dragons  coloring  pages for kids at DDC123: Draghi da colorare e stampare

Dragons coloring pages



With these dragon designs, the little ones of the house can stimulate their creativity and imagination by coloring the rough skin, scales, long tail and fire of dragons of different shapes and sizes. As they paint the pictures of dragons, they will imagine that they are heroes and heroines fighting the beast in a castle on top of a mountain. Download these designs now!

Be careful, don’t get burned by the glow of these dragons when coloring!

Emblematic figures of  power, magic and fire. It’s practically impossible not to get caught up in them, they have such an alluring appeal and natural wonder you’ll be hooked the first time around. They have skin filled with rock-hard scales, a  terrifying appearance,  a piercing gaze, and intimidating fireballs that they use to burn everything in their path.

Print pictures of dragons  and let   the little ones  color Do you want to venture into the imagination with your children? Join them and encourage them to learn about everything beyond the world we inhabit. You will not regret it, this will activate your  creativity  in an incomparable way.

Let them escape on the back of their dragon,  paint  a new generation of these creatures and make yourself known to the world for their  bold new creations  filled with authentic colors and a fiery orange and yellow fire coming out of their mouths.

You can download and print the coloring pages in german at: Ausmalbilder für Kinder

Download drawings of dragons in pencil – color and fly

The myth of these creatures is multicultural, and is associated in a certain way with the discovery of  dinosaur fossils  in ancient times. These findings gave free rein to the imagination and it was even believed that they still lived in remote places on earth. During the Crusades, what allegedly were  the remains of dragons were offered in the markets,  these were actually  the remains of crocodiles  brought from Egypt and other Asian regions.

Download the drawings of dragons  from our site and live an adventure worthy of fantasy literature. These creatures have many skin colors – black, gray, brown, and green are the most common, but you could easily pull a red dragon out of your pen holder. Can you imagine flying on the back of a dragon? Would you like to travel long distances across the skies with these beasts? Let the  imagination  do it for you and share it with the children.

Drawings of Chinese dragons: ancestral power

It is a  mythological creature  that appears repeatedly in various cultures, representing it with different symbolisms. Separate stories have developed about these mighty beasts, both in the European and Western regions. However, they somehow influenced each other.

Dragons have inspired a variety of artists from the world of painting, music, literature and other forms of expression. They are the quintessential representative figures of  fantastic literature,  and many of these works have been brought to the big screen. They have a powerful aura that has made them one of the most famous creatures in the world.

The monster is inspired by reptiles, snakes are the main base, supported by crocodiles and later by hawks. They have  wings, horns, and they breathe fire,  so it is with the  western regions. However, for the  Orientals  the appearance is even more serpentine and mixed with other species, but they rarely have wings, and they  are  associated with  great wisdom,  but at the same time great  greed,  which is what leads them to destroy everything. with fire from his throat.

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