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Elefante da colorare walking in the   vast African savannah or drinking water in the jungle have come to make your days much more fun. If your little ones love this docile looking animal, you can make them very happy by downloading all the elephant drawings of children from Primary World so that they can choose which one they want to paint first, it only takes a couple of clicks to print they will have a pleasant time, full of many teachings.

Elephant coloring pages

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They are recognized as one of the largest terrestrial animals on the planet, they have a trunk capable of articulating surprising movements: from throwing water with them, to harvesting fruits from the ground. If the children of the house like to paint elephant pictures, let their creativity shine like the sun on the African savannah and try new colors Can you imagine a yellow elephant like a banana, or maybe a pink one with big black tusks? In addition, it is a very effective method of familiarizing yourself with this large animal.

If the art of painting runs in their veins, you should put a lot of colors at their disposal and don’t rush to tell them “elephant drawings are colored gray-brown because that’s their color”. Let them  decide which color to use, from bright  markers   , chalk or colored pencils, you can be sure the results will be positive, whether they surprise you with a rainbow elephant, or something super realistic.

On the contrary, you can propose activities that require  a lot more effort, stimulating the children’s imagination  and showing them that there are no limits that they cannot overcome. Use whatever materials you have on hand and bring elephant designs to life, be it with foam rubber of many colors, plasticine, glitter, felt and even recycled materials.

Use yellow chalk to make the bottom of the African savannah, with that sandy touch, the elephant’s body and limbs make them out of soft, slightly wrinkled cardstock to give the rough, dry skin feel. Don’t forget to make a trunk and fangs with plasticine to give perfect details, your little ones will feel like they are traveling by observing these animals.

Drawings of elephants for children to print and paint

By painting pictures of elephants you can show them the parts of the body that compose it, such as:

  • Large and elongated ears.
  • A long trunk, capable of complex movements like a human hand. In addition, it makes different and even infrasonic sounds that can alert the herd.
  • Strong front and hind legs, supporting many, many kilograms of weight.
  • Rough and dry skin, perfect for fighting high temperatures, mosquito and insect bites.
  • Fangs, these are the only incisors this large mammal has, they use it to dig, cut down trees and even carry logs.

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