Essay on organ donation and what is its importance?

Essay on organ donation and what is its importance? 

Organ donation is a great donation. It is also called “gift for life” in other words. By doing this we can give life to many people. Nowadays many organizations help in organ donation, encourage it. 

Nowadays, there is a lot of demand for organs like kidney, eyes, liver, heart, small intestine, skin tissue. Every day thousands of people die in accidents in the country, whose organ donation gives life to other people. Most of the removed organs are transplanted within 6 to 72 hours. 

One donor can save 8 lives. Liver, kidney, lung, pancreas and intestine can be donated while alive. 

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About the importance of organ donation 

Nowadays everyone is suffering from some disease. If someone’s liver is bad, then someone’s heart does not work properly. If someone’s tissue is damaged, then someone’s eyesight has gone. Today, thousands of people all over the world lose their lives in road and other transport accidents. There is not a day when people do not die in accidents. 

The supply of organs is very less as compared to the demand. Many people do not want their organs to be removed after the death of their relatives. Their dead body should be torn apart. Many times there are religious reasons behind this too, but this kind of thinking is not right. 

After death, if someone can get a new life from our organs, then there is nothing wrong in it. Our thinking should always be scientific. Due to misconception, the percentage of organ donation in India is very low. Today thousands of people die due to non-availability of organs.

major organs to be donated 

Kidneys, liver, intestines, blood vessels, liver, skin, bones, ligaments (ligaments) heart, pancreas, heart valves (soft bone), blood, platelets, tissue, cornea (colon), tendons. 

problems with organ donation 

The rule is that in case of a road accident, only the part of the people who died in the hospital can be taken. Many people die at the accident site. In such a situation, no part can be found from them. People are not aware yet. consider it wrong. 

Many people do not even register for organ donation in their lifetime. People suffering from cancer, AIDS, infection, sepsis or any serious illness cannot donate organs. 

Organ donation process 

Any person who wants to donate an organ has to get registered during his/her lifetime. He is given a donor card. It is necessary for that person to have this card at the time of organ donation. At the time of organ donation, it is necessary for the family members to stay. 

Organ donation of a dead brain is done as per legal rules. The closest blood relative of the deceased can donate an organ. Signatures of family members are required before organ donation. 

  • Any caste, religion, community person can donate organ. 
  • It can be donated at any age. 
  • It is mandatory to register while alive. 
  • A person under the age of 18 years is required to get permission from parents, or relatives, to donate organs. 
  • In case of brain death, only liver, intestine, kidney, lung, pancreas can be donated. organ donation in india

The percentage of organ donation in India as per the population is very low. Every year 5 lakh people die in the country due to non-availability of organs at the right time. In this, 2 lakh people die due to liver disease. 50 thousand people die due to heart disease. 

Organ Donation Day is celebrated on 13 August every year in government and non-government organizations. Organizations like Uphaar Ek Jeevan, Mohan Foundation, Gift Your Organ Foundation, Dadhichi Dehdan Samiti help in organ donation. Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Delhi NCR, Punjab are the largest organ donor states in the country. 

organ black market 

On one hand, where we are encouraging organ donation, its theft has also started happening a lot. Nowadays the theft and black marketing of organs has increased a lot in India. In government-private hospitals, with the connivance of employees, doctors, kidney, and other organs of patients are being stolen. 

There are many such gangs active in many states who steal the organs of innocent patients. Such theft is done during any operation. Organs are sold to foreign patients at exorbitant prices. Cases of fraud are exposed every day. The poor, weaker sections become the most victims of this. 

People with rich money are ready to pay any price for organs to save their lives. Doctors also keep stealing organs in the greed of money. Thousands of foreign patients come to our country every year, whose organs are damaged. 

By taking advantage of the flexible law of organ transplantation in the country, such people get organs in a corrupt way. Some poor patients sell their organs for money, but some are taken out by fraud. 

price of organs in black market 

  • Kidney – 5 to 10 lakh 
  • Bone marrow – 25 lakhs 
  • Surrogacy (Rental womb) – 10 to 20 lakhs 
  • Liver – 5 to 10 lakhs 
  • Heart – above 20 lakhs 
  • Cornea – 15 lakhs 
  • One inch skin – 42 thousand rupees

Final Words About Donating Organs 

God has given us such an opportunity that even after our death, we can help someone else by donating our organs. Now modern medical technology is getting new breakthrough in organ transplant every day. That’s why we should donate our organs selflessly. Sadandlove

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