Five Secret Features Of Facebook You Need To Know

Five Secret Features Of Facebook You Need To Know

I am very sure many people knows about Facebook,So I want to enlighten you on some secret features you need to know about it.Enjoy!


How To Prevent Your Account From Hackers

It’s a good idea to add some additional layers of security on your Facebook account. A scammer could use your account data to steal your identity and send malware links to friends.

Here are three smart things you can do to protect yourself, which you’ll find under Settings > Security and Login:

1) Enable Two-Factor Authentication. It’s a good idea to implement 2Factor Authentication on all your accounts. That means if someone wants to access your account on a new device, they’ll also need access to your phone.

2) Get alerts about unrecognized logins. If somebody logs in to your account from an unrecognized device or browser, Facebook will let you know. If you use a VPN,You may notice you get those warnings about yourself if the VPN server is in a different state or country. That’s the price of vigilance

3) Designate 3-5 trusted contacts if you get locked out. Trusted Contacts are Facebook friends who can securely help you regain access to your account if you forget your password or lose your mobile device, You can always change your trusted contactslatercontact,If you no longer trust them.


Sending Money Through Facebook

There are lots of services that will allow you to transfer money from your computer or mobile device, like PayPal, Google, Western Union,etc.And yes even Facebook .In addition,These payments allow users to purchase products on the social network.

While this feature is largely tied to Facebook Messenger,You can use it on regular Facebook as well. To set it up,Go to Settings,Then you will click on Payments,Then you will click on Account Settings to enter a debit or credit card. Once accepted, send or request funds to or from another user via Messenger.

To use this feature on, open a pop-over conversation with one of your contacts via the Messenger icons. Click the dollar sign ($) in a circle at the bottom of the chat window to send/request funds.


Transfer Files Through Facebook Messenger

If you open a Facebook Messenger window,There’s a little paper clip icon along the bottom. This allows you to Add Files.And it uploads and sends a file directly from your computer. The receiver can just click on the included link and download from there. Of course,Never download anything from someone you don’t know. On, the icon is similar to this: . Glance through it to see the Add Files designation.


How To Check How Long You Do Spend On Facebook

If you are concerned you spend too much time on Facebook,On the mobile app,You can now see exactly how long you spend on the site each day. Go to the menu then you will click on Settings & Privacy then you will click on Your Time on Facebook. The bar chart will display how many minutes per day you were on during the last week. Under Manage Your Time,Select Set Daily Time Reminder to be notified when you’ve been on the app a certain amount of time.

You can also use the built-in iOS ScreenTime feature under Settings to check your overall social network usage, and set a limit maybe an hour per day on all social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.Android users can try Digital Wellbeing.

There’s no desktop equivalent for, but you could use the RescueTime extension to monitor yourself on Facebook and beyond.


How To Arrange Your News Feed

Your News Feed is your home on Facebook, so you’ll want it as clean, orderly, and free of distractions as possible. You don’t want to be disturbed wth unnecessary posts

One of the most direct ways to do this is by giving more voice to the things you want to see, while removing the stuff you don’t want. The quickest way to access this feature is by clicking the ellipsis menu next to “News Feed” at the top of the left rail and selecting “Edit Preferences” from the drop-down menu. In the pop-up screen, click “Prioritize who to see first,” and choose the people, Pages, and brands you want to see more or less of in the future.


You can also click “Unfollow people to hide their posts” to mute annoying posters (they won’t know they’ve been muted). You’ll still be “friends” but you won’t see their posts on your News Feed unless you re-follow them down the line.

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