Footage of Dust-Filled Sony PlayStation 5 Is Shocking Gamers

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Footage of Dust-Filled Sony PlayStation 5 Is Shocking Gamers.

Videos of a dust-filled Sony PlayStation 5 have surfaced online. One user uploaded a video of his PS5 after two and a half months of use and lots of are shocked at the quantity of dust and debris accumulated near the intake vents.

The next tweet reveals that the PS5 owner is additionally a fanatical blunt smoker. Other gamers have acknowledged that their systems don’t appear even on the brink of how the video looks even after months of use, stating that the severe dust might be a results of pets, smoke, and placement of the console.

On top of the videos of individuals showing how dirty their PlayStation 5s are, variety of helpful tweets have also appeared teaching users the way to take full advantage of the system’s lesser-known design feature — a “dust catcher” hole that’s made in order that a vacuum can easily suck up all the dust with ease

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