Football Manager 2021 (FM 21) Mobile Game Download For Android


Football Manager 2021 Mobile (FM 21) for Android has been launched since December 2020. It is now possible for anyone to download the APK file of the game for free. Make use of the free APKMODY but we recommend the easier route by making use of the game’s Google PlayStore version that can be found here.

SEGA has been in the game since 2004, creating entertainment for people on Console, Windows, and macOS. However, the company is also involved with making the latest Football Manager 2021 Mobile for Android possible. This is very essential for people who want to play the game on their mobile phones. Once you have an Android smartphone that is up to 5.0 version, you are good to go.

Football Manager 2021 World
Football Manager 2021 World

This game is the third in the list of series. It inherits the present features from Football Manager 2020 Mobile for Android. In 2019, it came as Football Manager 2019.

The 2020 version of FM 21 has 118 leagues. The latest one has three more country additions. Brace up to choose your favorite club from among 53 countries around the world.

Football Manager Mobile Screen 1
Football Manager Mobile Screen 1

Football Manager 2021 Mobile has arrived with a huge data system, rated as the most realistic and detailed game in the football management simulation genre that can be found on any game platform.

The latest version of the game makes it possible for you to be the sole manager of a football club. You can train young talents, arrange tactics for your team, while you also manage many other aspects of the game.

If you are familiar with the previous two versions, you have no challenge getting things fixed in the latest version. It also has the same gameplay as the previous releases, so you don’t need to fret.

Tip for success

Fm 21 For Android
Fm 21 For Android

In this version of Football Manager 2021 Mobile, you need to pay attention to the way you manage funds. Yes, this game requires you to consider the financial management aspect of the club. If you know how to adequately manage the finance of the team, it helps players to perform better. Use the club’s money to upgrade your home field, training ground, hire top football experts or sign new contracts with quality players.

Find below all the new things that you will be expected to explore in the FM 21.

New nations added

Mexico, Argentina, and Canada are the newcomers to the game this year. If you were planning to do it, this is the reason why you should take your skills to new levels. Note that the Canadian Premier League is now fully licensed.

Football Manager 2021 Mod Apk
Football Manager 2021 for Android

New tactical templates

One of the things that football managers have to do in the Football Manager 2021 Mobile is to create a winning philosophy on the tactics board. There are new player roles and improved set-piece options that will elevate your team’s performance if used well.

Revamped dynamic for team harmony

Download And Install Football Manager 2021
Download And Install Football Manager 2021

Football Manager 2021 Mobile is now designed with reimagined dynamics system that helps you to create a perfect team harmony, giving you insight into squad hierarchy, and the relationship between teammates. There is a more direct link between you and the dressing, all the way to the new Club Captain. Be careful about how you choose leaders as this may mean success or failure. You must be ready to do all it takes to give your team the edge on Matchday.

Motivate Players

Of course, you want your voice to be heard, and for team members to do as you say. In view of this, look for new ways to encourage your players to get an edge in major games and try to navigate the media circus as you move up the ladder. Make sure that you are able to coordinate the dressing room culture properly. The new user interface allows you to benefit as the manager and you will get better player feedback.

Football Manager Mobile Screen 3
Football Manager Mobile Screen 3

Set up and manage feeder clubs

You need to maximize opportunities for youth development by giving your very best players the benefit of having the regular first-team action that they need by setting up your own Feeder Clubs. You gain the most when you check on them often to see how they are doing. You need to know whether these will make any difference on their return.

Pre-Season preparations

This is new to Football Manager 2021 Mobile game for Android, and it is worthwhile to say that fans who were waiting for this feature are not disappointed. You can control your team’s pre-season preparations by arranging your favorite friendlies, any time you need them. Play with the best in the game and check out if your squad can stand the bravest.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Apk Cover
Football Manager 2021 Mobile (FM 21)

Name Football Manager 2021 Mobile
Package com.sega.score
Publisher SEGA
Version 12.1.0
Size 1G
MOD Features No
Android Required Android 5.0

Football Manager 2021 Mobile Download
Football Manager 2021 Mobile Download

Download the Football Manager 2021 Mobile APK for Android

The game is now fully released and anyone can go to PlayStore to download it there. Simply click here to download it on Google Play. Note that the game is heavy on PlayStore. It ramps up to 0.96 GB. So, make sure that your Android device has enough space and extra for smooth operations.

Benefits of FM 21

Football Manager 2021
Football Manager 2021

You as the football manager can conquer the continent’s top leagues. There about 60 national championships, hundreds of openings and there are also second-tier leagues worldwide. Make sure you show your skills and try to dominate the world of soccer. Help your team to compete favorably for the championship.

If you are able to propel your players in the right direction, your squad can win special achievements and even go on to win the championship. Achieving these will bring a lot of bonuses to your team. You must be ready to lift the ability of the team and increase your club’s appeal in the transfer market so that you can attract many top football stars around the world.

Football Manager Fm 2021 New Features
Football Manager Fm 2021 New Features


With all the new features, football managers can achieve more this year when creating their favorite football squad in 2021. This new version brings many new talents along with it, such as Mason Greenwood, Ansu Fati, or Jadon Sancho. They all get an impressive set of stats. But you can also do more by training and giving your players more practice time on the field. Find the best type of coaching mode right here on Football Manager 2021 Mobile.

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