Free Safety Apps for Women

Top 10 Free Safety Apps for Women
Free Safety Apps for Women.

India has been lately facing protests from most the states against cases of rapes, sexual violence or molestation of girls . In spite of such a lot of protests the crime is on an increasing rate which has left the ladies and girls within the country in devastating state.

Best Women Safety Apps for ladies With Smartphones
It is time when women should get cautious and adopt for a few of the preventive methods which may keep them safe from such situations. one among the alternatives which used as security measures are the security apps which may be downloaded on phones. we’ve mentioned below the highest 10 safety apps which may be used as a precautions by women.

1- Fight Back

This app has been developed by Mahindra group, which ensures that safety of girls is maintained. This app are often used over a good range of phones and is also available for free of charge .

The app makes use of GPS, GPRS, emails, Facebook at the time of help. the situation are often traced with Google maps then information is shipped to the near and dear ones at the hour of emergency.

2- Guardly

With the assistance of this application, a call is placed to all or any the members who are placed on the emergency contact list. there’s a profile page on the app wherein personal information are often fed. The free version of the app are often wont to hook up with conference calls.

3- On watch

The safety application are often employed by college students or other users for ensuring their safety. The users are often easily wont to alert friends and emergency responders. this will be wont to send time alerts to your closed ones when the user doesn’t reaches home on time. the knowledge is shipped along side the GPS location of the user.

4- Life360 Family Locator

It is lot useful to notify near and dear ones about the difficulty . this may keep you connected to relations at your home with help of a GPS. Information about location are often detailed out with the assistance of messages, calls, and emails with the press of a button. the appliance is out there for free of charge and may be used on iPhones, Android and other Blackberry phones.

5- Sentinel

This is a smartphone app which provides security to the user and acts as a guard for ladies . the women can press the emergency phone once they feel that they’re being stalked by anyone.

6- Street Safe

This is a premium application which can lookout of the safety and protection of girls . This application guides you with Personal Safety Advisor and features “Walk with me” application to offer details of things and also make sure that user gets back to home safe.

If just in case the decision cuts, safety advisor connects user to the local police such user are often guided for help and guidance. Another feature called “Silent Alarm” helps you to urge local help by determining location from GPS and also describes physical appearance of the user.

7- Circle of 6

The application will enable you to feature six members to your circle. This has been specifically designed for school students and can let your friends realize troublesome situations. the appliance will assist you to send predetermined messages to 6 emergency contacts on your phone. the appliance are often employed by users of iPhone and Androids.

8- BSafe

It sends message to the contact chosen and this gets activated by pushing single button on an app. This app will respond immediately through text messages.

9- Cab4me

This app helps the user to urge a cab anywhere or anytime as desired. the appliance works on the idea of GPS which shows the situation and accordingly choice of destination are often made. If just in case , at the nearby location there’s no cab companies then an area web search is additionally done to seek out out an appropriate option.

10- Hollaback

The application is functioning to fight against the acts of harassment. The user of the app can catch the person in action while he’s attempting to harass. Take an image and submit it along side the story at

This attempt also encourages user to share their experiences such the bad people within the community are alerted that an eye fixed is kept on them and their actions.

This was the list of top 10 best Safety apps which women can use for his or her protection. If you’ve got the other app which you would like that ought to be included within the list then do allow us to know.

We would like to hear from your side too. Furthermore, if you’ve got found this list helpful then don’t forget to share this list with others too so as to form your friends and relative protective and aware.

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