Ghost Recon Breakpoint game saves on Stadia have been deleted for many players


What you need to know

  • Seemingly all Ghost Recon Breakpoint players on Google Stadia have had their game saves wiped earlier this week.
  • Google responded in the same day as the issue was raised that support was looking into the problem, but has not updated since.
  • While Stadia players have the ability to back up their saves from the streaming gaming service, there is no way to manually recover and resume a save since everything is handled server-side.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint players on Stadia have found that their game saves have been deleted when loading up the game this week. While it is impossible to confirm that all players have lost their data, many players have said the same had happened to them.

The issue was first brought up on Wednesday in a thread from the Stadia Community board with one player saying they logged into Ghost Recon Breakpoint and found their old profile was gone and the game had created a new profile. Other players responded to the thread and on Reddit with the same sentiment, saying that all of their progress have been wiped with some noting hundreds of hours lost. 


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