Go Away, Bad Mechanics! you can take note of them by;

Go Away, Bad Mechanics! How Do You Spot A Bad Car Mechanic?

Go Away, Bad Mechanics! you can take note of them by;

When you have a car – any kind of car – it’s natural to want to take care of it. That’s how things work with automobiles. They’re not the cheapest things out there, and whether it’s our first car or the fifth one, we want to make sure it’s well taken care of regardless of the circumstances.

So when something is wrong with out vehicle, we want to make sure everything is spotless and without any worries. Ideally, this is where car mechanics arrive and fix everything.

They can take a bit to look at our vehicle and assess what’s wrong, and they’ll have a fix for us. That’s great, right?


Unfortunately, not all mechanics are actually great. And sometimes we tend to encounter mechanics that aren’t exactly top-grade. How do we spot bad mechanics?

Always ask for Documentation and Licenses

When you meet a car mechanic for the first time, always ask for their licensure and documentation. Legitimate mechanics usually have certification that certifies they are qualified to inspect and repair cars and other vehicles.

You should also try confirming this with their place of work, and confirm with the labor board if said place of work is actually legitimate.

Some might consider this overkill, but this is also our car we’re talking about. It’s better to know it’s secure and safe than put it in a compromising position.

  • Requirements to become a car mechanic differ from country to country. Most car mechanics can come from people who have high school diplomas, though employers may end up hiring mechanics with post secondary training, and certain certification.
  • If your car mechanics end up scaring you when you ask them for documentation, that might be an immediate red flag. Mechanics shouldn’t hesitate showing your copies of certification and being alright with being verified unless they’re hiding something shady. And you should be on your toes for these kinds of things before you get swindled into giving money.
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