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We have stressed several times Google Chrome is more than a browser to visit pages. It could be a good catchphrase for the app, plus it couldn’t be more true. Due to its fluency in browsing the internet, we can perform numerous extra tasks in its interface. We can even use Google Chrome as a file explorer.

When using Google Chrome as a file explorer on Android, it will allow us to find folders by browsing everything in a similar way to accessing the “File Manager”, but more instantaneously.

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Is this a new feature in Chrome for Android?

The logical thing is to think that it is a function exclusively launched for mobile devices due to the aspect of always having a file explorer. Certainly, this is not the case, since both this and other functions are imported from the PC version of the browser, present several years before. The case of this function is similar since it has not been undertaken on mobile devices but was already in the edition for computers, although it is available in a different way.

Google Chrome Calculator
Google Chrome Calculator

Another task that we can do and that is imported from a PC is to perform mathematical operations. We can use the address bar as a basic calculator. In this case, it is enough to add the mathematical operation that we want to perform in the address bar so that it performs the calculation and gives us the result. In addition, it has a format similar to writing operations in Excel.

How to use Google Chrome as a file explorer

In order to activate this function, we will not even have to use the «flags» function, which is usually a frequent resource in this type of function. It is only necessary to enter the command that we are now going to detail. You must open Chrome and in the address bar write

File:///sdcard/. The browser will ask you for permissions that you can accept by clicking on »Allow» and it will be ready.

With that command, we will make Chrome work as a file explorer. We will see how a warning appears on the screen to grant Chrome permission to access the system files and in this way see what is the content of the internal memory of our smartphone.

Google Chrome Calculator
Google Chrome Calculator

With this system, we can view all kinds of files, including multimedia content in the form of videos, images, or play sounds, and all without leaving Chrome and with a very PC-like static. It is true that the design is not the most innovative and is somewhat outdated, but it is also very functional and is useful for viewing folders on your phone. However and in case you have not paid much attention, we can only view content or play, we can not copy anything to ensure that any file is not damaged.

Use the browser as a notepad

At times, we have felt the need to download applications to jot down short notes as a reminder or simply because we need to jot something down quickly. We even have Google Keep pre-installed for this feature, but what if we tell you that you can write notes from the browser? Google Chrome helps us with this with a simple address on the taskbar, adding yet another function to the Chrome utility catalog.

We just have to open the browser and write in the search bar: data:text/html,<html contenteditable>, a blank screen will be opened directly where we can start writing. Obviously, it is not the most comfortable thing in the world, since we must be careful not to close the tab. Otherwise, our note will disappear.

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