Google could bake a native snore and cough detector into your Android phone


What you need to know

  • Google may be developing a native Android feature to detect coughing or snoring during sleep.
  • This sensing capability will presumably use your phone’s mic to collect audio.
  • The feature could land on Pixel phones first before spreading to a broader range of Android devices.

Late last year, the second-generation Google Nest Hub gained a bunch of useful features that vastly improved its sleep detection capabilities (opens in new tab), allowing users to gain better insight into their sleep quality. One of these features is the ability to detect snoring and coughing while sleeping, which Google may be bringing to your Android phone.

9to5Google (opens in new tab) discovered the new sleep sensing feature in a line of code in the latest version of the Google Health Studies app. The built-in feature is said to use your phone’s microphone to listen for potential sleep disturbances such as snoring and coughing. To protect your privacy, this process will take place natively on your phone.


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