Google Doodle series will thank coronavirus helpers over the next two weeks

Last week, Google released a simple and moving ad thanking healthcare workers around the world for combating COVID-19. The company is nowLast week, Google released a simple and moving ad thanking healthcare workers around the world for combating COVID-19. The company is now continuing that praise by saying thank you to all coronavirus helpers with a series of Google Doodles over the next two weeks.

This week, we’re beginning a series of Doodles to recognize the many people responding to COVID-19 — from doctors and nurses caring for people on the front lines, to teachers and food service workers ensuring essential goods and services are still available

This Google Doodles series — usually reserved for multi-week sporting events like the Olympics and World Cup — coincides with National Public Health Week in the US.

The first thanks public health workers and researchers in the scientific community. Given that there will be several Doodles in this series, Google is using the same basic format where the “G” sends heart/thanks/appreciation/respect to a themed “e” at the end.

Monday’s features graphs depicting curves, while the one tomorrow sees the last letter dressed in scrubs. The Search homepage at the bottom notes who Google is recognizing that day.

Google Doodles: Thank you coronavirus helpers

  • April 6: Public health workers and to researchers in the scientific community

  • April 7: Doctors, nurses, and medical workers

  • April 8: Emergency services workers

  • April 9: Custodial and sanitation workers

  • April 10: Farmworkers and farmers

  • April 13: Grocery workers

  • April 14: Public transportation workers

  • April 15: Packaging, shipping, and delivery workers

  • April 16: Food service workers

  • April 17: Teachers and childcare workers

April 18: Google has one final Doodle in the “thank you coronavirus helpers” series that rotates between essential workers from the last 10 illustrations. In a post, the company explains how this effort “came together in a matter of days” — instead of the usual “months (sometimes years!) of planning and development.”

In this series of animated GIF Doodles, the big “G” represents communities around the world sending our love to the other letters, which represent the essential workers. Fun fact: we purposely used the first and last letters of our logo to ensure characters in every Doodle were practicing social distancing.

Other coronavirus helpers that will see a thank you include:

Over the next two weeks, our Doodles will honor other essential frontline workers, including healthcare workers, first responders, and the many people keeping services like sanitation, food service, public transit, schools, and more up and running. Thank you to all the people who are working to save lives and keep communities safe during this pandemic

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, Google has leveraged its platforms to provide information and link to health resources. Recent efforts involve:

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