Google Earth’s New Update Features 3D Timelapse Videos

Google Earth's New Update Features 3D Timelapse Videos

Google Earth’s New Update Features 3D Timelapse Videos

Google Earth has been given a big update for the first time since 2017. Satellite technology has been steadily improving over the years and we’re now able to get a better idea of how Earth has been changing in the last 40 years: the update allows you to download and watch 3D timelapse videos of our planet.

Google wrote on its blog “you can now see our planet in an entirely new dimension — time.” Using the feature is simple. Go on Google Earth and click on the wheel icon — this will bring you to “Timelapse.” For those who aren’t really sure where to start, Google uploaded an expansive video directory containing more than 800 videos that anyone can access.

Google Earth’s director of Earth Engine and Outreach Rebecca Moore stated, “as far as we know, Timelapse in Google Earth is the largest video on the planet, of our planet.” This update was made possible by collecting the data of “more than 24 million satellite images from 1984 to 2020,” according to Moore. Google collaborated with NASA, the US Geological Survey and the European Space Agency’s Copernicus program to collect many of the images. Moore added, all this work was “done inside [Google’s] carbon-neutral, 100-percent renewable energy-matched data centers, which are part of [Google’s] commitments to help build a carbon-free future.” Moore hopes Google Earth’s new update will enable governments, researchers, publishers, educators and advocates to “shine a light on the issues facing our planet.”

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