Google Pixel 6 official cases are causing a headache for many owners


What you need to know

  • Many Pixel 6 owners have complained about various issues with their first-party phone cases.
  • Some users were annoyed by the rapid yellowing that occurred in a matter of weeks or months.
  • Others were dissatisfied because their phones didn’t fit their devices, and in some cases, the buttons warped the cases.

A few months into its market release, the Google Pixel 6 (opens in new tab) series was caught up in various types of bugs (opens in new tab), causing nightmares for many users. The phone’s first-party cases are now the subject of an increasing number of complaints from customers who have reported a variety of issues with the official protective accessories.

Multiple Pixel 6 owners took to various platforms, including Reddit (opens in new tab) and Amazon’s review section, to air their disappointment over the quality of the official cases made by Google (via The Verge (opens in new tab)). One customer lamented that their case quickly developed yellow splotches, making it look horribly shabby.


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