Celebrating Your Roots Proudly And Loudly With Five Hair Tips From Aunt Jackie’s Curls And Coils

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Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils, one of the fastest-growing multi-cultural hair businesses in the US, allows kids to celebrate their ancestry with the Kids line. The start of a new school year is always exciting. Aunt Jackie’s Kids offers a wide range of goods to assist students in looking their best on the first day of school.

Aunt Jackie’s Kids polled 9-12-year-old girls about their dreams, objectives, eternal beauty recommendations, and hair relationships. Here’s what they had to say:

Hairstyling is a way to express oneself: Girls have unique views about their ideal haircuts and styling techniques. She does her hair. They feel “confident,” “unique,” and “beautiful” with textured hair, particularly when done to their liking.

Happy with her textured hair: The girls were proud of their natural hair. But she rocks it with honor.

She Needs Care and Styling: Her top haircare concern? Detangling. She wants detangling and scented products. Knot Havin’ It Leave-In Ultimate Detangling Moisturizer was a hit.

Hair She Likes: While a few celebrities were named, her favorite hairstyle is her mother’s. She loves their time together doing hair and styling.

Here’s a video of the females discussing their hair.

According to Global Marketing Brand Manager Shaherra M. Rolen, Aunt Jackie’s is devoted to providing hair solutions for girls to develop their beauty and personal care routines. “As a #girlmom, I understand the importance of the ‘back-to-school look.’ Our research agreed. Aunt Jackie’s Kids products provide healthy hair care and style options for our princesses.”

Aunt Jackie’s Textured Hair Tips for School

Prolong the life of your hair by using Knot Havin’ It Leave-In Ultimate Detangling Moisturizer and a broad tooth comb to detangle it properly. Do your best not tug through the knots and remember that little is more!

Gently: Heads Up – Moisturizing & Softening Shampoo helps wash and soften hair without robbing it of its natural oils.

Don’t forget to deep condition: Deep conditioning will help restore natural shine, suppleness, and moisture. A plastic cap and Soft & Sassy Super Duper Softening Conditioner for 15-20 minutes should do the trick.

Stop itching: In addition to treating dry scalp, Vitamin E and Flaxseed promote general root health, relieving flaking and chronically dry, irritated scalp. In addition, flaxseed’s Omega-3 fatty acids effectively nourish strands, enabling better hair development.

Keep up with Cute Protective Styles: Low manipulation styles like braids and twists save time for busy parents and let kids express themselves. Keeping up with the latest trends is a terrific approach to help your kid grow. Use our Baby Girl Curls Curling & Twisting Custard to get these looks.

This back-to-school season, your child’s hair is safe with the Aunt Jackie’s Kids line. Their curls will pop, their edges will be set, and their hair will be moisturized as they start a new school year in style.


Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils is a multi-cultural hair brand with eight ingredient narrative sets. 

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