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Prepare your favorite paintings for the scariest night of the year. Mundo Primaria’s Halloween coloring pages  will make the party even more complete. Download  free Halloween  coloring  pages for kids at DDC123: Halloween da colorare e stampare

Halloween coloring pages



Pumpkins, skulls, witches and skeletons … plus the creepiest monsters! All the scariest characters are collected in Halloween drawings. Therefore, they are perfect for decorating the classroom or homes. If you love Halloween and are looking forward to the day, you can  color the Halloween pictures  and prepare everything for the night, or read these  horror stories for kids  before bed.

Have fun  coloring the pictures  and get ready for trick or treating! Can you be the creepiest at the party?

Halloween coloring pages for kids

The perfect way to actively and creatively involve   your children in  a cultural and historical celebration like this, which contains many interesting things, could not be other than the  art of drawing  . An amazing way to capture an important part of what things around us are and mean.

Print our images and watch your children immerse themselves in a fantastic story as they color. Downloading  Halloween drawings  is simple, here we have everything you want at your disposal  . It is a mystical experience that will show the little ones of the house a darker side of creativity.

Buying a pumpkin and using tools to shape it into a typical  Halloween shape  is a good practice for getting kids to grow more personally. Teaching them the origins of the celebration and everything that surrounds it will generate in them the custom and a special appreciation for general culture.

Your little ones may be a little more conservative and have a certain dislike for monsters. Don’t let this stop them,  share and color  alongside them, it will give them the little drop of confidence they need to allow themselves to make the most of their abilities. It is a world full of colors like many others, you will love the experience.

Print Halloween drawings to paint

Search all your pencils because  the  most  colorful and scary party  you’ve ever attended  has begun  . If you have two orange pencils it will be much better; You will need to paint the pumpkins until they are finished.

However, remember that you are entering a magical and mysterious world, creativity must not be left aside, use the colors you want and give the celebration your own personal touch. You can also use gouache, markers, watercolors, and all kinds of materials so that the experience isn’t just that of coloring.

If you use your imagination and help them cut out the pictures, kids will have original masks for the scariest night of all. And the best thing is that they made it, and therefore they are one-of-a-kind creations and no two will be alike.

Download the Halloween drawings  and let the mystery envelop the scene. Black and purple pencils are also great options for livening up this world, although there are plenty of kids running around in their horror costumes, and this expands the color range in a masterly way. How about making your own monster? Give it shades and join the ones you  downloaded, it  will be an unforgettable party.

If you like the wave of terror and mystery, you have found the perfect designs for you; But if you are a little calmer in spirit, it will serve as an experience to develop  creativity  and explore other fields. Getting out of your comfort zone is a great practice for taking your art to the next level and will greatly expand the color palette to use.

trick or treat

These are the representative images of one of the best known and most celebrated festivals in the world. When the night of October 31st falls  ,  the celebrations of what is also called the night of the witches begin. This owes its origins to Celtic culture, which celebrated the end of summer with the  Samhain,  a festival in which pumpkins were decorated, and which had an important mystical background.

“Trick or treat”  is a phrase that carries over immediately to Halloween parties. This is the occasion when everyone takes the opportunity to get scared; Yup! The truth is, many children and adults around the world are inevitably drawn to the mystery, and this is the perfect opportunity to fuel that enigmatic taste for the unknown.

Scary Halloween designs (but easy and childish)

Costumes of werewolves, witches, monsters, vampires,  and anything that inspires a little fear, is a good reason to dress up during the celebration. Magical houses, jokes and, no doubt, horror stories and movies are the icing on the cake in this  dark, magical and mysterious party. It is a time when the world of the dead and the world of the living come together.

Tradition indicates that candles should be placed, as a  tribute and remembrance,  in the windows, as many candles as there are dead in the family. Thus the spirits will be happy and will not bother the inhabitants of the house, otherwise they will make them fall into horrible nightmares when it is time to sleep.

Spirits, ghosts and who knows how many other things, belonging to the world of dreams, roam free in the world during that night. Legends are a natural part of  Halloween,  each carrying their own story and coupled with reality in a truly terrifying way. Science fiction or reality? You have to join the party to prove it. Start by downloading different designs and get ideas.

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