Hello Death – By Paul Ojocheyi Sunday


Every finger points at my evils
All tongues speak evil of all I do
They judge themselves to be perfect and cool
In contrast, they said I am the devil in the jungle

Oh! You leaders of my life’s jurisdiction
Watch your footsteps and let off the on
Injustice has become your addiction
Let go off me or taste me with hurt at heart in frustration

With hate, they threw me into the deepest sea
I giggled at them because I am a whale in human clothing
I navigated through the ups and downs of the wicked sea
I swallowed all shacks I could see

Still in anger that I succeed despite all odds
They drained the water to watch me rot in the mud
I giggled again because I am a fearless reptile with my sword
I won the race and I do not fear even the world

Despite all craving away from this muddy hate
I still have a cause I wish to abate
I do no want to go beneath to earth and wait
Only for maggots to chew my flesh up because the desire to sate

Death arrives among all that sound from the pit
Like a shoe with no foot in it
Like a suit with no man it it
It comes and shouts with no mouth,tongue nor teeth

It spend its life sleeping on the slow mattresses
It lays in black blanket and suddenly breaths out breezes
Blowing out mournful sound that swells the sheet
And beds go sailing where it waits as a captain of army Generals

I cannot die, You cannot kill me
I have death in my sleeves
Even death will miss me when I’m gone.

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