Here’s The Type Of Smartphone To Expect Or You’ll Get In 10 Years Time

Ten years ago, i know you where surprise when you saw a smartphone with a measly 2-megapixel camera, a low screen resolution, and 3G or even 2G Internet. But now they’re all considered as rubbish or ancient stuffs compared to what we have in our time today.

But today you had a hard day at work so you decide to order a new smartphone. You pull your phone out. It’s thin and has a large screen. But as soon as you look at it, with a hidden 36-megapixel dual camera catch your eyes’ direction and then it will make you love the smartphone…

But as the year moves, they will be new updates in smartphone that you didn’t except to see.

So here are some of the things you won’t expect to see in a smartphone in 10 years to come.

Things to Expect

1. Map in Smartphones

Now we can only see the delivery person moving on the map, but in that time to come, you can also watch them through the built-in camera installed on their scooter.


2. Graphics in Games

The graphics in the game will be so cool that it seems like you’re watching a video of a real race. You steer the car and get so worked up that you bend the phone.

3. Increase screen size

Developers’ attempts to make the screen larger will lead to it occupying 100% of the phone space in the future.

4.Wear it on your wrist not holding with your five fingers again

The development of tiny elastic smart bracelets has already started. You just wear it on your wrist, and the bracelet creates a hologram of your phone’s interface.

5. Charge your phone to 100% in 5 minutes

You put your see-through phone on a wireless charger. And this one, unlike the 2020 chargers, juices your device up much faster. In 5 minutes, you’re already up to 100%.

6. Open screen with hand gesture

Without touching it with your greasy fingers, you open your message with a hand gesture. A hologram with an 8K video appears instantly above the phone and shows a message.

7. 6G Network

6G should be expected in 2030, and the data transfer rate will increase to 1 terabit/second.

8. App to tell you part that are broken in your screen

The app carries out diagnostics and indicates to you the broken part of the machine through the screen and shows how to fix it too.

9. You can use your phone in all areas.

Starting with fixing a car or some electrical kitchen appliance, ending with an external medical analysis of the body.

10. Enable you recall what happened in the past

You recall how good it was in 2020 when there were no transparent screens or unlimited Internet speed.

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