Here’s what you’ll have to spend to use Google Photos: cheap or expensive?

Google just announced that Google photos it will no longer be a completely free platform. This change will be made on the day June 1, 2021 and it is a setback for all users who use the platform. According to Google, there are more than 1,000 million people who have a backup of their photos, so it cannot continue to offer the service for free. We are going to tell you the Google Photos keys from the date of the change and also how much it will cost you.

Goodbye to unlimited free copy of Google Photos

Google Photos has been offering a free unlimited copy of your photos and videos in high quality. The summary is simple: you can upload everything you want and have this backup in the cloud safely. The quality reduction is not too noticeable, so you can have unlimited free backup.

This ends on June 1, 2021. Google has announced that the free service will be up to 15 GB of photos and videos. These 15 GB will be shared with Gmail and also with Google DriveSo no, it’s not just 15GB of photos and videos with Google’s quality downgrade. It all adds up.

The good news is that these 15 GB will not take into account the content that you have uploaded to Google Photos until June 1, 2021. This means that everything you currently have in Google Photos will not take up space. Only the photos and videos that you upload from the day of the change.

As of June 1, you will begin to make your backup in high quality and you will continue to have Google Photos for free, yes, only until you reach the 15 GB. When you arrive, if you want to continue uploading content and making backup copies, you will have to pay Google One every month for more space.

One of the best free google services Hit the table to start generating revenue from users. There are alternatives, but we know that Google photos it is very good and, most likely, you will want to continue using the service.

This will cost you Google Photos for the next 10 years

At all times we will assume that your consumption of Gmail and Google Drive is very little or no. This means that we will always be in one of the best situations and that, most likely, your case will not be this, but a little worse because of the storage in the rest of the services.

Google now offers a link that calculates how long the storage will last you 15 GB free from June 1. We have asked several people and the average they give us is, more or less, 1 year. This means that you can use Google Photos for 1 year without worrying about space.

Of course, this figure will vary if you are a user who uploads a lot of photos and videos or a user who barely takes photos with their device. Google in this calculation also takes into account the use of Google Drive and Gmail, so each user will receive a different result.

Assuming he will occupy these 15 GB in a year, the calculation is simple: more or less, from June 1, 2022 you will have to pay 1.99 euros / dollars per month for 100 GB of space on Google One. This will allow you to have more space for the backup of Google Photos and also of Drive and Gmail.

The annual cost of this service, if you pay it monthly, will be 23.88 euros / dollars. We are sure that every year that passes you take more photos with your mobile. Surely 2 years ago you took fewer photos than now. With this we want to make you understand that the next few years will most likely take up a little more space than the first, let’s say some 20 GB per year.

To occupy the 100 GB of space for which you pay 1.99 euros / dollars, it will take about 4 years. Remember that you had already used 15 GB during the first year for free. When you occupy the 100 GB you will have to go to the plan 200 GB, which costs 2.99 euros / dollars per month. Some 36 euros / dollars year.

If you continue at the same pace, which is unlikely given the rise in telecommuting and online work platforms (Gmail and Drive), you will occupy these remaining 100 GB in 5 years. This means that continuing to use Google Photos for the next 10 years will cost you about 280 euros / dollars.

And of course, years and years of photos with that monthly expense will prevent you from going to another platform, so you will continue to pay plans according to your backup of Google photos increase and increase. Of course, it is likely that Google will modify its storage plans over time, so this account that we have made could become obsolete.

Is it expensive to continue using Google Photos?

This question should be asked yourself, since each user thinks differently. You should also bear in mind that your spending may be lower. This will not cause you to not pay, but rather you will have to do it later. The summary is, if you want to continue using Google photos you will have to pay sooner or later.

280 euros / dollars for having the photos in the cloud may sound like a very high figure, but the reality is that you will pay it for many months. The problem is that you will never stop paying it, because the storage will only grow with the passage of time and the monthly plan you will have to continue paying it.

In exchange for this monthly payment you will have one of the best platforms to save your photos and videos safely throughout your life. You can switch to an alternative platform right now, although sooner or later you will have to checkout.

What do you think of Google photos? Does it seem very expensive?

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