How can you help your child become more confident?

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When the events are too unpleasant, it can generate a feeling of so-called learned helplessness, in particular, if the children do not have sufficient internal natural resources or are not sufficiently supported to overcome it.

This is how the school can also become an anxiety-provoking environment. Whether it is in the face of bullying, a bad grade, uninstructive punishment, or life challenges, your child’s self-confidence can quickly erode at the slightest obstacle.

How can you help your child become more resilient and confident?

1. Learn to express what your child is feeling:

Putting your child’s feelings into words is an essential step. What is not named, does not exist. If that doesn’t exist, then it will be difficult to act on it. Thus, by learning to speak about what he feels, the young person will not only be able to understand that he has the right to feel moments of weakness, doubts, or incapacity but he will also be able to be more able to act in the face of this. Problematic and therefore to “delegate” his suffering. This will allow him to understand that there is a space for him where he can find solutions.

2. Getting to know yourself:

The better he becomes aware of who he is, the better he can anticipate the future. Children tend to be in the moment and stay connected to what makes them happy. It can therefore sometimes be difficult to project into the future. Moreover, this notion is a rather abstract concept, therefore difficult to imagine or to make aware. To overcome this, you can teach him/her to know himself more: learn to be aware of what he/she likes in life, what are his / her strengths and weaknesses, what he/she wants, or what he/she needs at this moment to move forward more calmly. Thus, faced with a difficulty, it will be easier to compensate for his weaknesses with his strengths because he/she will have to work on them.

3. Keep doing things that make them proud!

Affirmation for children, Hand-painted animal portraits, mindfulness cards for kids, kid-friendly positive affirmation cards, engaging stories, interactive play, and brain-boosting trivia support every kind of learner. Every time kiddo pick a card from this deck of affirmation cards, they are invited to ignite their imagination and celebrate their unique genius. With the help of such mindfulness cards for kids, children will learn how to regulate their nervous system and navigate their big emotions through FUN.

4. Have a motivating group of friends!

The children’s social environment is obviously very important. Whether it is during a sports activity, in video games, with the family, or even at a birthday party, your children will be influenced by the values ​​and the behavioral culture of those around them. This will therefore contribute to his psychic and mental development. It is therefore important to have a social environment that is at least supportive in good times as well as in bad times.

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