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It does not matter if they are on your Christmas tree or adorning your house, Christmas lights are stunning and they definitely pass a beautiful and timeless tradition. However, from time to time, you can have issues controlling them.

Not to worry though, because, with smart plugs, owners can simply schedule them to turn on and off automatically, whenever you want. To know what to do to make it happen, see the answer to your How Do I Schedule My Smart Home’s Christmas Lights question:

How To Schedule Your Smart Home’s Christmas Lights?

We will break down 2 methods to make this happen and they are not complicated in any way:

How Can I Schedule My Smart Home’s Christmas Lights With An App?

For easy scheduling, you can easily use the application from your smart plug’s company. For instance, if you own Wyze or iClever smart plugs, simply download the Wyze (for iOS and Android) or Smart Life app (for iOS and Android). Then insert a smart plug into your outlet and pair it with the application. This should be done one plug at a time.

Choose the name for the smart plugs wisely. In this case, you will be adding them to a Christmas group, so just name them “Christmas 1,” “Christmas 2” e.t.c. You might also want to name your 3 lights separately. Naming them “Christmas Tree” is wise if you ever wish to turn just plug on separate from the rest of your lights. As soon as everything is paired and setup, you’ll connect your lights. Both applications come with a grouping function, and it makes sense to group all your Christmas lights together for you to create one schedule to control them all.

You now need to create a schedule. Wyze named scheduling options “rules” while Smart Life refers to them as “automations.” In either case, you’ll open rules or automations, choose your plug group, decide on when the plug should turn on or off, and choose a time to run the rule. This might resemble “turn on plugs at 6:30 P.M.” for example. You should also create 2 schedules, one to turn on your lights and the other to turn them back off.

It is possible to create a third or fourth rule to control particular lights. For instance, you might wish to turn on the tree lights earlier than the outdoor lights. You are all set with automated Christmas lights. However, if you would want to beyond simple scheduling, you might consider adding an Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini to your home for more options.

How Can I Schedule My Smart Home’s Christmas Lights Using Alexa Or Google Assitant?

Schedule Smart Home Christmas Lights
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Alexa and Google Assistant’s version of scheduling is named “routines.” And if you are not aware, Routines are simple if/then programs. Simply set a trigger, the “if” for your Echo or Nest Mini to monitor. After that, you should create actions to occur (“then”). A simple routine might say, “If it’s 7 PM, then turn on the Christmas group.”

Schedule Smart Home Christmas Lights
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Creating routines for both Alexa and Google Assistant is straight to the point, however, the applications can change, including the instructions for routines. Confirm the official documentation from Amazon and Google for updated info. For Google Assistant, bear in mind that when setting a schedule you need to create a voice command as well. Go for something like “turn on Christmas” for the routine to double as a convenience voice command.

That is that.

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