How To Browse The Internet & Social Media Free Without Having Data Connection

It is a major practice of our world today to always be online or on the internet and to do this you need data.

In Nigeria Data bundles are said to be not cheap at all as one Giga byte (1GB) which was initially meant to last a month hardly lasts 3 days in our mobile phones nowadays. We need internet connection for alot of things now;

To communicate with people far away with social media platforms like: Facebook, whatsapp, Telegram and so on.

To get updated about the things happening all over the world

For entertainment like watching comedy videos on Instagram and YouTube .

To download Songs and Movies unlike before when you need to go to movie shop to buy your movies and songs and play it in your DVD at home, you can now just download them easily.

Now if you don’t have data on your phone and you want do all of these it’s easy, Just look for a WiFi to connect to and you’re good to go.

WiFis known as Wireless Fidelity are known to be super fast in browsing and downloading contents if you don’t have a WiFi of your own you can meet a neighbor who has and kindly request for their password to connect provided you do your best not to annoy them.

With a WiFi connection you can do anything you want to do on the internet you can also get a Mifi for yourself cuz the data bundles are way cheaper than that for your mobile phone.

You can also use Facebook free with the express WiFi by Facebook mounted at alot of locations in Lagos State and you can connect and use Facebook for free.

Abeg make una no vex for me lol.

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  1. Adekunle Awoniyi

    April 25, 2020 at 1:59 am

    It’s fantastic

  2. Anonymous

    April 25, 2020 at 5:36 am

    That’s why I don’t like visiting your blog because all na fake

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