How to Build an NFT Game App in Minutes

Projects like Plant vs Undead, Decentraland, Sandbox, Crypto Cars, and Axie Infinity show that NFT games have significant potential. In this video, we’ll look at what you need to build a game that interacts with NFT or Smart Contracts and the DeFi ecosystem.


NFTs with utility

Best Utility NFT projects to Buy, NFTs with utility

NFT stands for Fungible Token, which has become very popular these days. One of the many reasons for its popularity is the obvious benefit to artists. On the one hand, the NFTs have proved to be the best way for artists to get financial support from the crypto community. But what exactly are these irreplaceable tokens?

As the name suggests, NFTs are tokens. These digital tokens can represent the ownership of a unique item. With this technology, you can tokenize almost anything from art to real estate. Part of the value is due to the fact that only one person can be the official owner. To guarantee this functionality, blockchains like Ethereum provide NFT security. This makes it impossible to replicate the NFT or change the ownership record without selling the token. Basically, NFTs can act as digital properties of a physical asset.

The term “non-consumable” is an economic term for a commodity / asset with unique properties, such as various songs and unique baseball cards. This item is incompatible due to its different properties. For example, it is difficult to compare the value of a home to a song. The antonym of the word invariant is substitutive. Instead, they are elements defined by values, not properties. This makes it possible to trade these replacement tokens


An image from Axie Infinity

From a traditional point of view, there has been a problem with copying the properties of physical assets in the digital world. It was difficult to guarantee the uniqueness, rarity and proof of ownership of virtual assets. However, this is made possible by blockchain technology, and NFT allow new entities to access the Internet.

How to make an NFT game with Vivaion – Front End

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at how to build your own NFT game to show off the power of Vivaion. With around 100 lines of code, you can create a fully functional NFT game represented by coins that allow your avatar to navigate in a 2D environment. Aavegotchi NFT is used in this example. However, the logic is the same for other NFT transactions. So it’s not limited to Aavegotchis.

A good start to the NFT game development process is to explain the safety of the games you are going to create. Security is a very important factor as NFT games can offer real rewards. Therefore, scam is prohibited and you need to make sure your app prevents scams.

Put most of the game logic in the backend code to ensure a cheat-free game environment. Therefore, the main task of the interface is to ask the server if the avatar’s one way shift is effective. This means you can prevent users from hacking your app or cheating in-game.

So how do you do all of this with just 100 lines of code? The simple answer is Vivaion. Read Old Video Game Consoles Crossword Clue Answer

NFT game development by Vivaion

You need the right tools to make your Web3 development process faster and easier. The latest development platform for Web3 is Vivaion. Vivaion simplifies the development of NFT games and significantly shortens the development process. Vivaion already understands the basic logic of all dApps and, as a platform user, can access all of its features.

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