How To Build Your Own Solar Power System ; No Experience Necessary!

How To Build Your Own Solar Power System ; No Experience Necessary!

Building your own solar power system for your home has become more than a trend for some adventurous Nigerians, in this era of power cut and general blackout, building your own solar power system and powering your home cannot be done away with, as with any worthwhile project, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of solar kits, the real costs in terms of money, safety factors and required skills, and the real benefits of getting professional help mostly for a large building solar power system cannot be over emphasized .

How do you build your own solar power system?

What most people mean when they say they want to build their own solar system is that they want to purchase the equipment and then install their system themselves.

If you want to install your own system, stay cautious, as with any self doing project. In addition to finding reliable instructions, you must purchase all the tools, mounting or racking hardware, connectors, wires, solar inverter, and other necessary materials.

To install your own 100 watts home solar power system follow the steps listed;

1, Determine and size your system based on energy needs.

2, Purchase your solar equipment (Solar Panel, Charge Controller, inverter, Battery, Racking and Mounting hardware).

3, Install the racking or mounts for the panels.

4, Connect the solar panel to your racking equipment.

5, Connect solar panel, Charge Controller, inverter, Battery and connect A/c appliances.

Things you will need; Solar Panel 100 watts, Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1500 watts, Solar Charge Controller, Battery 100ah,

All the component parts (Solar panel, Charge Controller, Battery, Inverter and 4 wires to connect all parts together).

Mount solar panel with screw provided. Place solar panel in full sun light.

Two of these four different wires will connect your solar panel to the charge controller and the other two will connect your battery to the charge controller.


During connection, the following steps should be followed; first connect charge controller to the battery before connecting to the solar panel, otherwise the panel will burn out the charge controller, make sure to connect the charge controller close to the battery to minimize power loss (length of wire), and connect the negative wire first before connecting the positive side.

Next step; connect the solar panel to the charge controller; the negative wire first before the positive wire.

After connection your Charge Controller should look like this.

Well connected system, everything in place, Solar panel, Charge Controller connected to the Battery.

Next step connect your Solar inverter to the Battery, first connect solar inverter positive wire and screw it down, then attach the negative wire and screw it down, always connect wires to the inverter first before connecting to the battery.

Now that the wires are connected to inverter, it is safe to connect to Battery, first connect the negative wires from the inverter to the negative terminal of the battery, then connect the positive wire of the inverter to the positive terminal of the battery. when connecting your inverter to the solar system, you must remove the solar panel positive wire from the Charge Controller to prevent the unit from charging, connect the positive wire back after connecting to the battery.

At first contact of the positive inverter wire with the positive terminal of the battery there is usually a spark, (its normal).

Make sure your panels are not placed or mounted in a shaded area.

Power your solar inverter.

You can now plug in your A/C home appliances.

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