How To Buy A Secure VPN Service For Ultimate Privacy

Buying a trusted secure VPN is difficult for people who have little or no knowledge about the privacy tool. Just like all fingers are not the same, similarly all VPNs are not equally secure or even trustworthy. Some VPN offer little security, others may provide no data & identity security at all, while the best secure VPN providers offer you great features including military grade encryption, ISP DPI protection, DDoS attack protection and NAT Firewall security.

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This post shall serve as a guide for you to decide and buy a secure VPN to secure your data. We have reviewed premium & safest VPN providers for you.

The VPN providers we have recommended below contain top seven features that establish if a VPN is secure. So, if you are planning to buy a highly secure VPN service, we recommend you to review our list and decide:

What Factors Constitute A Secure VPN?

There are certain features that make a VPN secure and trusted to use. You might be wondering what these features are? What makes a VPN secure?

To answer all your queries in one guide and enable you to buy a secure VPN service, we have created a list of features to help you judge & buy a secure VPN service:

1.      Tunneling Protocols

When buying any secure VPN, you should always look for tunneling protocols offered by the VPN provider. The common tunneling protocols offered by best VPN providers are PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEV2, OpenVPN, SSTP, Open UDP and TCP. Tunneling Protocols ensure that all your online activities and your online identity is hidden from all other entities on the network. Consider this the cloak of Harry Potter, when you put VPN on it hides you from the eyes of the world.

All these VPN tunneling protocols have their own advantages and disadvantages like SSL, TCP, and PPTP has some known vulnerabilities. Whereas, L2TP/IPSec and IKEv2 affects internet speed, and OpenVPN can be blocked by websites and ISPs. IKEv2, OpenVPN and IKEv2 though are considered secure, and since you are planning to buy a secure VPN, we suggest you should look for one of these protocols, if not all.

2.      Encryption

To enhance your data security, secure VPN services encrypt data into code to make it unreadbale to anyone who steals it. Leading VPN providers commonly employ 256 bit data encryption keys, which is logically unbreakable even for a supercomputer. If hackers, snoops, government surveillance or ISP deep packet inspection catches any data packets from your network, they will see nothing but alpha numeric encrypted code.

To buy a secure VPN we advise you to select VPN providers that use at least 128 bit encryption keys, if not 256 bit ones. However if your intention is to ensure absolute data security then buy a secure VPN service that encrypts your data with 256 bit encryption keys.

3.      Internet Kill Switch

This is a lifesaver feature for those who wish to buy secure VPN for identity protection & online anonymity. A VPN is only considered secure if it protects your data and hides your identity. Internet Kill Switch enables the VPN app to completely kill your internet connection instantly in case your connection drops. Though, connection dropouts are rare amongst the best VPN services due to their excellent server infrastructure, but having Internet Kill Switch options active is a great security add-on.

Thus, we suggest that you should prefer the Internet Kill Switch feature when reviewing & buying secure VPN services.

4.      NAT Firewall

NAT or Network Address Translation Firewall is an additional security layer for your internet connection. If you are planning on buying a secure VPN, then always look for NAT Firewall feature. This feature enables you to block unwanted inbound traffic which can be hackers, malicious apps and surveillance agencies trying to access your devices.

Therefore, prospect netizens who wish to buy secure VPN must look into NAT Firewall protection and how it secures their online devices. This additional layer of security is a must to keep your network & connected devices secure.

5.      DDoS Protection

DDoS protection secures netizens’ from distributed denial-of-service attacks while enabling them to enjoy an uninterrupted and secure online experience. DDoS attacks tend so overload a website will illegal & fake traffic requests, more than a server can take hence rendering the web service or website useless.

The previously successful DDoS attacks on the PlayStation Network, PayPal, VISA, Master Card and Bank of America were all dedicated attacks meant to render the services useless by hacktivists. Another massive DDoS attack on UK telecom provider Talk-Talk led to a data breach affecting 4 million customers of the company.

A VPN immediately hides your devices and IP address over the network securing it behind its server. Considering DDoS protection when buying secure VPN is a great idea since it negates the threat all together.

6.      Global Server Network

A worldwide server network is essential for VPN providers to offer turbo speeds and stable connectivity. It is also important for security purposes and variety when replacing IP addresses. If a VPN does not offer a large global server network and you have to connect through few specific servers then it would become easy for ISPs, hackers, and surveillance agencies to determine your location and steal your data.

A worldwide server network is vital for privacy providers, thus before buying a secure VPN always review and test their various servers across the world. Connect through secure VPN servers and determine their speed plus consider checking if the servers are leaking your original IP address.

7.      Location of business

Where your VPN provider is located is also important. If your VPN provider is located in China, then you cannot consider it secure because of Chinese data retention and online surveillance laws. Location of VPN providers is an important factor that establishes a VPN as secure. VPN providers located in China have to follow the local laws and will be bound to keep your activity log.

On the contrary, a VPN provider located in a country or region where data retention and internet privacy laws are lenient will not be bound to keep your activity logs or monitor every step you make, and thus they offer absolutely Zero log policies. Therefore, we recommend you to consider location of business before buying a secure VPN.

Where Can I Buy A Secure VPN Service?

Right here! We know for an average user it is highly unrealistic to go through all the VPN providers and select the best among them. No need to worry though, we just made buying a secure VPN service easier. Follow our simple guidelines and you will be up and ready to buy a secure VPN in no time.

In a Nutshell

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Hope we provided you all the important information necessary to evaluate and buy a secure VPN. If you found this article helpful share it with friends and let them know too.

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