How to Buy a Smartphone & Pay Later


If you are in Nigeria then you must have heard of people in other countries picking up a new smartphone that has just launched while paying part of the price and having the rest spread out as loan repayment for several months. Well, you can now do that in Nigeria thanks to EasyBuy.

What is EasyBuy?


EasyBuy is a relatively new financing platform that helps people purchase the smartphone they want with an initial small down payment and pay up the remaining balance later, with interest of course. You can think of EasyBuy as a loan for buying smartphones which you have to repay in instalments with an interest.

This is particularly good for those who want to go for the flagship devices but don’t have the cash at hand. You can simply use EasyBuy to get the smartphone you want and just pay a small portion of the total cost of the device and pay the rest within the next 3 to 6 months.

Picture this, you are working in banking and have monthly bills to pay but still want to buy that newest iPhone that just launched. Not that you can’t afford it, but it will take about 3 months for the cash to be complete. This is where EasyBuy comes in.

EasyBuy helps you buy that iPhone or any other smartphone brand you have in mind, with just a small down payment. You get to start using the phone immediately after you make the down payment and can easily pay off the rest in the next couple of months.

How Does EasyBuy Work?

EasyBuy operates in a simple and straightforward way. When you see a smartphone you like, EasyBuy purchases the device at your request and have you pay only 30% of the total cost. This means that if the device cost N100,000, you will only have to pay N30,000. Now, there are two loan options to choose from which are:

  • – 3 months with 9% Interest
  • – 6 months with 6% interest

What are the requirements for EasyBuy?

1. First off, you need to be an income earner which means you have to be employed by a company, with a bank statement to show that you are indeed a salary earner.

This is just a precautionary measure on their part to make sure you won’t default and can be able to pay the rest of the money owed as at when due with the specified interest.

2. Next, you’ll need to have an ATM card, BVN and a Valid means of identification e.g Voters card, Drivers License, National ID Card or International Passport.

Once you meet the requirements and also have all the necessary requirements to make use of the EasyBuy service, you can then visit of their authorised stores to get yourself a new smartphone of your choice and pay gradually.

EasyBuy Customer Care in Lagos and How to Contact them

EasyBuy stores in Lagos include Spectrum, Otigba Computer Village, 3C HUB Zenco Plaza, Computer Village and Iyana Ipaja, Oki Street, Lagos.

You can also visit their website by logging on to, send them an email at or call them on +01-8888188 to know more about their services.

They are also working a mobile app which will make using their platform to get the smartphone of your dream a lot easier.


EasyBuy lessens the burden of having to churn out huge cash all at once to buy a smartphone. You can now pay a fraction of the price of that smartphone you want and pay the rest like a monthly bill for the next couple of months which you’d most likely not notice. Meanwhile, you get to take and start using the device immediately you make the down payment.



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