How to Change the Default AutoFill Password App on iPhone and iPad

How to Change the Default AutoFill Password App on iPhone and iPad
How to Change the Default AutoFill Password App on iPhone and iPad.

By default, Apple allows you to check in to websites using passwords saved in iCloud Keychain. But if you employ a fanatical third-party password manager, it’s possible to use it because the default password autofill service on your iPhone and iPad.

Apple allows you to spend to 2 password autofill services together on your iPhone or iPad. you’ll use iCloud Keychain and other services like Bitwarden or LastPass. you’ll also disable the iCloud Keychain and make the third-party service the default.

The process for changing the default password autofill service is that the same. (That’s what we’ll cover below.) But the setup process will depend upon the app that you’re using, so we recommend that you simply found out the password manager of your choice first.

In the app, confirm that you simply enable the Face ID or Touch ID feature. This makes sure that you simply won’t got to enter the master password whenever you would like to log in to an internet site employing a third-party password manager.

Once the password manager app setup is complete, head over to the “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad.
Visit Settings on iPhone
Here, attend the “Passwords” section.
Tap Passwords from Settings
Authenticate yourself using Face ID, Touch ID, or a lock-screen passcode, then choose the “AutoFill Passwords” option.
Tap AutoFill Passwords
Choose the third-party service that you simply want to use. you’ll also tap the “iCloud Keychain” choice to disable it.
Switch to Third Party Password Manager

Authenticate Third Party Password Manager

Tap Back Button After Authenticating

Using Bitwarden to Log in to Website Using AutoFill Feature on iPhone and iPad
The service that you simply select will got to be authenticated. In our example, Bitwarden would require you to log in to your account using the master password (or authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID). Tap the “Submit” button to authenticate.
Once the authentication process is complete, tap the “Back” button.
You can now continue using your iPhone or iPad as you normally would. subsequent time you attend an internet site login page, you’ll see a suggestion from the password manager of your choice.

Just select the password and authenticate yourself (using the master password or Face ID), and your username and password are going to be filled in automatically.
Want to prevent your iPhone from prompting you about passwords altogether? Here’s the way to disable the iCloud Keychain.

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