How To Clone Someone’s WhatsApp And Receive Their Chats In Your Phone

How To Clone Someone’s WhatsApp And Receive Their Chats In Your Phone

Ever wondered who the next person is chatting with? Are you a jealous lover who wants to know who your partner is chatting with and what they are always talking about? Do you want to get messages from one of your personal WhatsApp accounts in your other phone? Or do you just want to put your James Bond security Surveillance skills to the test? Then this article is for you.

Whatever your reason for wanting to clone or hack into another WhatsApp account, it is very easy and I am going to show you how to do it.

But before I proceed, what does it mean to Clone? To clone simply means having a copy or imitation of something already existing, especially when designed to simulate it. So in other words you would have a copy of another WhatsApp account in your phone and also receive all the messages they receive.


However, before you clone a WhatsApp account, you have to note the following

1. You can’t clone another WhatsApp if you don’t have access to their phones. That is, you can’t clone a phone that is far.

2. You can’t clone someone’s WhatsApp if they put a password to their WhatsApp and if you can’t unlock their phones

3. If you don’t have the heart for it please don’t try it to avoid high Blood pressure.

How to Clone WhatsApp

Step 1: Get the phone with the WhatsApp you want to clone

Step 2: with your phone, go to Google Search and Type ” how to clone WhatsApp ”

Step 3: you would see updated versions of cloning apps, download it and open the WhatsApp you want to clone

Step 4: use your phone to scan the barcode of the WhatsApp you want to clone

Step 5: Oh yes! All the messages received in the cloned WhatsApp account would come into your phone.

NB: ensure you always lock your phone to prevent the person from knowing their WhatsApp has been cloned.

Again, if you can’t handle what you would see, please don’t try this.

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