How To Create Interactive Videos

There is no doubt that interaction video are a very powerful tool that can be very useful in many fields, both in advertising and in others such as teaching. Thanks to this, we can facilitate the understanding of complex concepts and make the message more attractive to viewers. In this way, we can generate interest in our brand; provide consumers with a more pleasant and direct visual experience and increase traffic to our site. And it is that, according to Forbes Insight, 65% of people who watch a video, access the advertiser’s website. But in addition, you can guide customers through the sales pipeline directly.

On the other hand, you should know that currently 74% of total Internet traffic is represented by content in video format and that it is expected that it will be 82%. Within this field, users are getting used to consuming content in a different way, through screens that allow them to interact with the content, demanding more and more interactive and personalized experiences. They want to be in control of everything and make their own decisions, which is not possible through passive videos.

If you want to create interaction video, there are numerous online tools that make this task much easier, so much so that it is even possible to do it in 20 minutes. Some of them allow many customization options, turning the viewer into the true protagonist, seeing their image integrated into the story. Here are some of the best tools for creating interaction video.

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Tools and how to create interactive videos


HapYak allows you to add YouTube video links and click on them while we are playing them. In addition, the links can be mounted on words or images, which allows us to add any JPG file to the boxes with the text and the reference labels. On the other hand, it allows the addition of video quizzes with questions and answers, as well as chapters and content lists to the videos, allowing the user to draw on the screen and highlight the areas and characters they want.


ClickBerry is a tool with a free version that allows us to create interaction video easily and quickly. You only have to upload the video you want to make interactive and choose between the different options offered by the application, such as links, Popups, Sidebar, FB Like or Widgets. Being able to choose at what moment of the video we include each interactive element and its duration.


It is a simple tool that allows you to turn the viewer into the protagonist of the video thanks to its Photo blend interactivity. Once published, while the video is being played, users’ own images are included that are obtained from their social network profiles, which gives rise to completely personalized videos. You only have to choose the different areas in which the personal images of each user will be integrated.

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ThreeHouse has two versions, one free and one paid. One of the main advantages it offers is its interface, showing the connections between the videos in a tree diagram. By clicking on each of the pieces, the buttons are defined. It allows you to link video fragments to each other, but also other interactive options such as drawing on images or creating questionnaires.


Thanks to Vibby, you will be able to identify the most important parts of each video and go to the part that interests you the most in each case. It allows you to divide any YouTube video into sections, navigate through the sections and has a social component, which means that users can comment on each part.

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