How to Design a Children’s Bedroom

When planning a nursery, it is important to remember that it provides a pleasant atmosphere not only for the child, but also for your parents, during the treatment. It should also incorporate functionality in the form of: changing tables, a bed and storage spaces for all the products needed by the child, a play area and a variety of decorative accessories that give the room a different atmosphere. These are the accessories that should be added to children’s rooms

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Mickey Mouse wall decals

Decorate the nursery with the character of Mickey Mouse, using easy-to-stick and removable wall stickers. The stickers can be easily passed and removed in the future if you want to change the design of the room. They include the shadow of Mickey Mouse and create a light and fun atmosphere for the child.

White wooden dresser with black handles

There is no truly perfect nursery without a dresser. When you want to design in two colors white and black, you can combine the white wooden dresser in the room with the black legs that are suitable for any solid design. The dresser has three small drawers at the top for accessories for the child or toys, and another three wide and easy drawers for opening and closing clothes. 

Round rug made of fabric

In the center of the room is a cozy and pampering rug, which becomes the toddler’s small play area, giving the nursery space a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Mickey Mouse Organizer

On the bed hangs a delicate Mickey Mouse organizer, where you can place more pacifiers for the baby. The organizer attaches to each bed using Velcro and is very easy to remove and clean. It is made of woven cotton on the outside.

Black floor lamp in a delicate design

At night you do not have to turn on the main light in the room. A delicately designed floor lamp illuminates the child’s bed and allows you to see him sleep peacefully. When necessary, you can also adjust the lamp to the changing table and prepare your morning clothes for it the night before.

Wall shelf

Children’s rooms need storage space, so a functional shelf was hung on the wall, which provides additional storage space for adding a decorative figurine, baby pastes, a favorite toy and more.

Fear Mickey Mouse

Anxiety helps maintain the furnace when swaddling and keep its head delicate and so that it does not fall off the surface, so it is an essential item in any nursery. Add a naughty white and black scary Mickey Mouse to the changing table and discover how it blends harmoniously with the room design.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse pictures for the walls

Mickey Mouse’s character blends into the walls of children’s rooms in any color, and especially in rooms based on the concept of cartoons. Add Minnie and Mickey to the room with great pictures that can be hung on any wall in the room. 

Chest of drawers with wooden handles

This is an important item in any children’s room design, which combines the natural wood, which gives a pleasant and warm feeling to the entire space, and is suitable for any baby in the first years of life. A dresser with wooden handles is very easy to open, and incorporates thick and stable wooden legs, which give the dresser high durability over time.

A wooden bed that can be turned into a transition bed

It is possible to add to the room wooden beds, which protect the child, and at a later stage gradually the protectors and turn the bed into a transition bed.

We will be afraid of fabric in shades of blue

We are afraid of azure shades that border the corner of the diaper and add subtle pastel shades to the room.

Lilac fabric curtain

A lilac curtain completes the space and filters the sun’s rays in the morning for a particularly willow sleep. It allows the regulation of the sun’s rays, and can be opened and closed during the day to give the baby natural light.

Furry round rug

A rug inside children’s rooms is not just for beauty. This is where the baby will crawl, take his first steps and sit down to play in a magical room that is all designed for him. Adding a small rug that is easy to clean when planning a nursery design, which will give the room a playful look.

Mat for the floor

A floor mat turns the nursery into a space where they can play and have fun. The delicate braided rug is suitable for rooms in a rustic design with a wood tone. It is not overly hot, so it can be perfect for summer as well.

A shelf in the shape of a half sun

There is nothing like a sunrise shining on the wall in half a yellowish sun. The combination of the shades of the wood in its natural color, white and yellow, brings a smile to the face from the moment you enter the room. It allows to give the child a room design in warm tones, with a decorative shelf.

Key storage baskets with English letters

Key storage baskets give the room a rustic and pleasant atmosphere and give you extra storage space. The design with the foreign letters in pastel shades, adds color to the room and is suitable for children’s rooms with a warm color set.

White wooden bed

Inside a white nursery we will of course place a designed wooden bed painted entirely in white, with wheels that allow the bed to be moved easily from place to place.

Tripod lamp

When planning children’s room design it is important to also plan the delicate evening lighting. Add a white tripod lamp with a cream lampshade, which creates a soft and pleasant light and can be adjusted to any height.

A set of white rugs

Inside the nursery you should add a set of round rugs and a long pillow, which create a seating area, which is suitable for one or more children.

A white rabbit doll

Our first dolls are not just children’s play, they are special warmth and security jobs. A wonderfully sweet rabbit doll, will accompany the child for the first few years and will fit perfectly into any nursery design.

A braided straw basket with the important items for the baby, completes the rustic look and reminds us that the design of children’s rooms can be so simple, and here lies its beauty.

Pictures for the nursery wall

On the walls of the room you can hang spectacular pictures for the nursery with elements like animals, characters from cartoons and animals.

Cypress white cot

A bed that combines solid wood in a white shade with a natural wood finish, which is especially suitable for children’s rooms. The bed rests on white wheels, which allow comfortable movement within the room.

Braided baskets

Two square baskets hanging on the wall, which provide additional storage space that is especially important in designing a practical nursery .

Rectangular white carpet

A white rug made of fabric, which gives a huge space for crawling and playing for the child. You can also add two pillows, which will serve as a backrest when he sat and played.

Chest of drawers with wooden handles

You can also add a dresser with wooden handles to each children’s room, on top of carefully designed wooden legs, which give the room an airy and comfortable, warm and natural feeling.

Pink cloud stickers

When planning children’s room design it is important to maintain a regular concept. You can add pink cloud stickers, which will blend in with different elements in this color.

White Ficus dresser

The Ficus dresser has a modern design that comes in a white shade, made of MDF, with the option to also add colored drawers that fit the room.

The dresser design emphasizes the concept colors and combines gray drawers with a completely white dresser, with wheels that allow you to move from place to place.

Rabbit shaped pillow

You can also add pillows designed in a variety of colors and shapes to the room, such as a pillow designed with a special rabbit.

Brown brown rug

The look can be completed with a round furry brown rug, which gives a pleasant warmth to the room.

White mosquito net for bed

Feel that the girl is a little princess? Choose a room design with a white mosquito net that gently wraps the bed, and protects the baby from flies or mosquitoes.

Cloud carpet

The nursery that you can decorate with a round and furry carpets of different sizes. Like a round rug or a cloud-shaped rug.

Chest of drawers with wooden handles

The white dresser has everything you need to change a baby’s diaper.

We are afraid of shades of pink

Add a scarecrow to protect the baby’s head. You will find scarecrow fabric made of 100% cotton, and the inside is made of polyester in different shades.

Room design 

optimally combines the planning of painting the room, adding appropriate wall stickers and furniture, which create a rustic atmosphere and fragrance in the space. This children ‘s room includes one room painted in white, on which are wall stickers in the form of branches that blend into each other in pastel shades of blue, green and antique pink. The adjoining wall is painted azure that corresponds with the drawers of the blue-and-white dresser in the room.

Bed design

Choose a solid and comfortable white bed, on which are placed suitable bedding in the colors of the room with baby head protectors, located on the three sides of the bed. A small round rug adorns the room and gives the baby space to crawl and enjoy.

Supreme Foam

The most preferred foam mattress has been Supreme Foam for generations. This mattress was reengineered with the latest high recovery foam technology to offer you unmatched support and supreme comfort.

Tripod lamp

 To illuminate the room at night a floor lamp with a lampshade on a tripod fixture was also added.

With a number of accessories you can design a wonderfully magical children’s room , which gives a feeling of peace, calm and softness. Look at the variety of design ideas above, and choose your favorite elements. You can of course also create your own room design from all of these accessories.

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